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Recent content by Southern Eagle

  1. Southern Eagle

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Just read this update - Manase has a lot of serious questions to answer here by the sounds of it. Manly NRL player Manase Fainu will be released from jail despite a court hearing he went dangerously close to killing a man in an alleged knife attack at a church dance. Fainu is expected to...
  2. Southern Eagle

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 1, 2019]

    OMG - the donkeys are crap At least the Sharkies tried unlike these imposters
  3. Southern Eagle

    Game Day: Manly v Cronulla [Finals week 1: 2019]

    Lovely day walking around the Shire this morning with all those dejected Sharkies fans. A day to cherish
  4. Southern Eagle

    Captain's Run

    Saw the GF x 2 and the Parra replay that year. Uni studies seemed to play second fiddle to the mighty Eagles It was something I will never forget ( especially seeing the gummy’s supporters cry! Hope we can repeat the dose this year
  5. Southern Eagle

    2019 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD).

    I know it was alluded to previously, but the Ginga Ninja Brad Parker has re- signed From nrl.com 2019 NRL signings: Parker's new Manly deal; SKD off to Super League https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/01/23/2019-nrl-signings-player-transfers-and-contracts/
  6. Southern Eagle

    Dylan finally free...

    Try putting the link into Bitly first and then copy the bitly link into outline and it should work ( well it did for me)
  7. Southern Eagle

    Penalty STATS

    My quick check shows that the Stats.rleague figures are correct The interesting thing is that we have only won the penalty count five times this year ( Roosters, Dragons, Canberra, Panthers, Titans ) and the only game we won was against Canberra. So maybe losing the penalty count doesn't make...
  8. Southern Eagle

    Non-Manly Games [Round 16, 2019]

    Just trying to work out who to barrack for tonight A Roosters win and we are 2 wins and lots of points differential ahead of 9th place which means top 8 is a lot easier ...or... a Tigpies win and we are then level on points with the chooks and closer to top 4
  9. Southern Eagle

    2019 State of Origin Chat. DECIDER!

    Blues are screwed - Cleary our , Pearce in.. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/pearce-called-into-blues-side-for-origin-decider-as-cleary-ruled-out-20190703-p523sd.html
  10. Southern Eagle

    JDB Federal Court Challenge

    Just read that decision will be handed down @ 4pm on Friday .... interesting times!
  11. Southern Eagle

    The Guthersation

    If you copy your link into bity.com, then shorten it and copy the new bitly link into outline then it will work. Just a pain that you have to carry put that extra step
  12. Southern Eagle

    The Chronicles of Croker ... (The Lazarus man)

    Thanks Wheel - must have somehow missed this exciting news
  13. Southern Eagle

    The Chronicles of Croker ... (The Lazarus man)

    I thought Crocker was on a Development Contract and players on these contracts could play till after June 30?
  14. Southern Eagle

    2018 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD).

    Daily Telecrap reporting Kurt Mann has been released by Dragons and looks like he is off to the Knights.
  15. Southern Eagle

    Just on Tom Wright

    Yep that’s the place - making me hungry already
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