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Recent content by niccipops

  1. niccipops

    Player contracts: "Because" Manly did it, it's time for the ARL to stop it.

    Hmmm..... I see this as an opportunity for the roosters to 'price-match' many a player for 120,000. Meanwhile on the golf course...
  2. niccipops

    Hobbling Manly stars head to Melbourne in search of answers over hamstring problems

    Woo hoo! We're going to hobble our way to a title.
  3. niccipops


    Maybe that's why I shop there. Go Manly! And gp discount groceries plus totally random things in the middle aisle.:D
  4. niccipops

    Keith Titmuss RIP

    I can hardly believe this. Just a boy. RIP 623. Heartbreaking.
  5. niccipops

    Cam Smith- Paul Kent’s book review, well sort of.

    Can't see the article 'cause of the not paying for it thing, but if anyone can post a snippet, it might be worth a laugh. Scam reminds me a bit of Donald Trump. Understands the people that love him but just can't believe there's people that don't. Purple Fwit!
  6. niccipops

    Albert Hopoate Gone?

    lol My dear old Dad used to yell that out on the hill. "Go to OPSM!":)
  7. niccipops

    Albert Hopoate Gone?

    Yep. It would be sad to see him turn into a gun player at another club....but, even though he's still a young kid I found his debut underwhelming - probably due to the hype before he played. Plus the fact that his dad is certifiably nuts and not a loyal Manly man. I still remember footage of...
  8. niccipops

    We are always the victim and it's never our fault!

    Smith's book should be put in the aisles of supermarkets for a Covid toilet paper solution.
  9. niccipops

    State of Origin 2020 discussion

    Women's Origin won by QLD. For me, I'm so stoked to see this on TV. As a 10 year old my goal was to play for Manly. Of course not a reality, being 10 in the late 70s. Maybe in 2021, for 10 year olds that dream this dream, it could possibly become a reality. Please get a women's team Manly!
  10. niccipops

    2021 Membership

    Got a text message from the club saying my membership was up for automatic renewal but my card number has changed. To opt out call or contact? Wtf? I didn't set up an auto renewal. Ever! Due to finance and circumstance some years I'm a member, other times not. I probably will be next year but I...
  11. niccipops

    Dylan Walker

    Probably somehow sustain an ACL in that bubble.:rolleyes:
  12. niccipops

    Dylan Walker

    Fair dinkum Dylan! It can't be a no fault stand down because you don't go to jail for that but this guy should only be allowed to drink in an underground bunker supervised by pizza supplying, giant Tongan security guards. Or maybe he could be rehabilitated at the roosters for 50k a year.....
  13. niccipops

    State of Origin 2020 discussion

    That maroons pic is hilarious. Looks like they're a really try-hard boy band. Sorry Chezza but it's funny. @:D
  14. niccipops

    NRL Salary Cap Era

    I think you should send your research to the NRL with thousands of signatures attached.

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 20 18 1 1 299 37
2 Storm 20 16 0 4 258 32
3 Eels 20 15 0 5 104 30
4 Roosters 20 14 0 6 230 28
5 Raiders 20 14 0 6 128 28
6 Rabbitohs 20 12 0 8 169 24
7 Knights 20 11 1 8 47 23
8 Sharks 20 10 0 10 0 20
9 Titans 20 9 0 11 -117 18
10 Warriors 20 8 0 12 -115 16
11 Tigers 20 7 0 13 -65 14
12 Dragons 20 7 0 13 -74 14
13 Sea Eagles 20 7 0 13 -134 14
14 Cowboys 20 5 0 15 -152 10
15 Bulldogs 20 3 0 17 -222 6
16 Broncos 20 3 0 17 -356 6
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