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Recent content by Nappy

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    Tim Simona - any news on his playing status

    Does anyone know if Tim is still with us/ gotten clearance to be able play in the NRL? Very talented/experienced player that could be used next season.
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    is it time to extend Haslers contract?

    from memory we signed Des on a 3 year contract, and he has only 2 more seasons to run. Due to what happened in the past I believe this was the right length to sign him. It seems that some of our players are only extending there contracts in part to match when Des's contract finishes. I...
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    Hodkinson returns to Manly

    Talking about the 2 sitters that were close to in front of the posts that DCE has missed in the last 2 games. Hodkinson doesnt miss the easy ones.
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    Hodkinson returns to Manly

    Also will be a more consistent goal kicker than DCE.
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