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Recent content by ManlyMit

  1. ManlyMit

    The Daly Cherrygraph

    This guy is clutching at straws now lol
  2. ManlyMit

    Marty WTF

    If they get it downgraded to grade 2 and take the guilty plea does he still miss a week? I was under the impression he would be free to play if that happened
  3. ManlyMit

    Team next game

    Elliot Taufua Parker Walker Garrick Croker Elgey Taupau Koroisau AFB Thompson Sironen Jake Fainu Gosiewski Waddell Tanginoa
  4. ManlyMit

    Greatest premiers of the 21st century - vote now nrl.com

    Daily telegraph did something similar to this a few years back, 08 Eagles vs 98 Broncos was the Grand Final.
  5. ManlyMit

    Game Day: Manly v Broncos [Round 25, 2018]

    Get Parker off.
  6. ManlyMit

    Game Day: Manly v Roosters [Round 9, 2018]

    The pass to JWH for his try was forward by a mile and then we get pinned for Uates try which the pass was flat at worst. Then after Mitchell smashes Tom without the ball they somehow get the penalty because their winger got run off the ball which was bull****. Never gonna beat the refs
  7. ManlyMit

    Roosters salary sombrero

    The refs bet us today, simple as that.
  8. ManlyMit

    My random musings

    When DCE put that grubber in after AFB made that run killed me!
  9. ManlyMit

    Terrible news

    Seen that as well, seen some pretty disgusting comments tbh. Shows how clueless and simple some people can be
  10. ManlyMit

    Terrible news

    I think tommy will prob only miss a week, came back early last year so is prob a quick healer! Might have to rush walker back early, push Parker to wing and M Wright to fullback. I would give Gosiewski a shot in the back row, scored 4 tries couple of weeks ago in reserves. For Tanginoa I’d say...
  11. ManlyMit

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    Fox league posted an article about our appeal on Facebook last night, you should the comments section... People have no idea
  12. ManlyMit

    Tom T is he that good.

    I think Tom T is a brilliant player but he has started this season pretty slowly.
  13. ManlyMit

    Tom T is he that good.

    Tom Turbo has been pretty quiet so far this season, need him to lift his game
  14. ManlyMit

    Taupau: We will win the comp

    I’m all for positive thinking and energy and all that stuff, but Marty should of kept these thoughts to himself
  15. ManlyMit

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    I think all this talk about being relocated is a little paranoid tbh
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