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Recent content by MadMarcus

  1. MadMarcus

    Northern Eagles - A retrospective look at how it could have worked

    Just nothing to cheer about
  2. MadMarcus

    Sea Eagles best last decade - pick your team

    and Nate Miles...
  3. MadMarcus

    Sea Eagles best last decade - pick your team

    Can’t bag you for that
  4. MadMarcus

    Cliff Lyons + Beaver - it's time

    How good!
  5. MadMarcus

    Lol @ Parra

    When changing lanes you are supposed to cross over the white lines, not snort them. I believe that’s where Shaun went wrong.
  6. MadMarcus

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Anyone else think it’s odd that we apparently signed a 9 and Des hasn’t met him? Makes me think maybe he wont be first choice...
  7. MadMarcus

    2 more years of Greenberg

    Best news I’ve heard all day that Greenberg’s getting 2 Years, even though I reckon he deserves longer. Is it in maximum security?
  8. MadMarcus


    He’s set the benchmark no doubt
  9. MadMarcus

    Trel to Bunnies

    Did anyone notice the bit in the press conference where Latrell said he went to Souths because he saw how they looked after Inglis and Sam...
  10. MadMarcus

    Trel to Bunnies

    Exactly, but it won’t be the same shoulder with the pre-existing injury. It will be his other left shoulder.
  11. MadMarcus

    Trel to Bunnies

    You lucky devil!
  12. MadMarcus

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    You forgot “It will be a refreshing change to play for a club whose history is not defined by performance enhancing and recreational drugs”.
  13. MadMarcus

    Market value and the salary cap rort!

    My money is on Latrell signing with Souths on $200k and accepting an unrelated role as assistant to Inglis with his “Souths Cares” work for $600k.
  14. MadMarcus

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    We haven't had 4 hookers at the club since Eddie Hayson stopped hanging around
  15. MadMarcus

    Stand by for three months of fake news

    Good thread, but I don't like how the thread title implies there are 9 months of the year where there is not "fake news"... I think a better title would be: Stand by for three months of a higher then usual level of fake news
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