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Recent content by Jacinta Martin

  1. J

    Tom Wright

    There could be many reasons why he left. I'm sure I've read it somewhere but I didn't pay much notice. There was a incident at his last game where someone connected to him was removed from the stadium for insulting a players wife. I don't know which wife but he went not long after that. Whether...
  2. J

    Salary Cap

    Not sure if this is the right place but. I'm not too sure why everyone gets so excited about contracts and who gets one. Time and time again, it get shown that they actually mean nothing. Players talk about loyalty, well maybe there are some that are. Players saying they want to stay and they...
  3. J

    Salary Cap

    I don't think clubs, managers, players care one iota about contracts and who is on or off contract. If the player, manager, or new club want a player, dates mean nothing. You're all forgetting, he was off to the NFL about 8 weeks ago and he had a contract. He's been the big improver most...
  4. J

    Salary Cap

    I would love someone to run the numbers. Yes I agree extending Paseka is great, but he was already contracted till 2021. Isnt it more relevant to sign who is needed for 2021 and not who we already have locked in. I would love to know exactly what's left in the kitty after DCE, The Turbos...
  5. J

    The Kieran Forum

    Just because Kristy says it isn't true, doesn't mean the manager didn't stir the pot.
  6. J

    The Kieran Forum

    If any of this is true and the manager has put it out there, the only only one who will be on the nose is Schuster. Not too sure how that will be looked upon by Des. He doesn't strike me as the type who will be dictated too by a Rookie or his manager.
  7. J

    The Kieran Forum

    And does anyone want to set the precident that these potentially good rookies can now dictate who gets signed and who doesn't. I'm not saying I agree that Foran should be signed, I'm just saying that any young, 20 year old player that did happen to get injured after 1-2 games, and would have...
  8. J

    The Kieran Forum

    There are several ways to look at this. Is Foran is being bought back to push someone out? I doubt it Most on here crucified AFB for making his demands and manipulating his way out ? Yes Does this, if true, make Schuster any better or worse, holding a gun to Manly and saying you sign him, I'm...
  9. J


    And he has shown everyone the way out of a contract and picked up a nice pay rise in the process.
  10. J

    Salary Cap

    I don't think NZ is all pure and magnificent in terms of a new horizon. They have their own issues over there with culture and unemployment. If it was so damned wonderful, there wouldn't be more NZer's living here than there.
  11. J

    Salary Cap

    Is there ever any real transparency on what he gets signed for and what if anything we cover. Does a manager talk it up to add to that contract value. I wouldn't be surprised if managers add $$$ to clubs offers to up the value of their stable and their income. I didn't know we were paying...
  12. J

    Salary Cap

    I do wonder what was behind the mad rush to go was and his whole attitude about leaving Manly means based on his Instagram posts as reported here. I think regardless of his reported 850k, Manly will be screwed over because his actions make it impossible for him to stay and every club will know...
  13. J

    Salary Cap

    So just out of interest, how about someone with great knowledge and background on the Silvertails show how they would spend the cap. From 1 - 30 plus the development players. I would be really interested to see how you guys would spread it. You can only spend it on who we have, not who you want...
  14. J

    Ex-AFB Wish List

    Been reported on here earlier this year during 9's that he was on around 400k when him, AFB, Jake were on the sideline with injury. He's got another year. I reckon there are other positions we need to sure up before upgrading him. Then again, if he is a starting prop in 2021, he could command...
  15. J

    Taniela Paseka is he the answer?

    Reported on here earlier in the year that he's on about 400k, so is a big upgrade really smart. An extension sure, but with Jake, Marty and AFB's big $$$ can we really afford another big $$$ forward. 400k if it's real, is pretty huge coin for a bench prop.

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8 Sharks 20 10 0 10 0 20
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10 Warriors 20 8 0 12 -115 16
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