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Recent content by iain s

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    Lol @ Parra

    There is nothing illegal for an employer to pay employees in cash and nor is there anything illegal about an employee receiving cash. The illegal part comes when the employer doesn't pay superannuation or withholding tax on the payment and when the employer doesn't report it to the ATO and the...
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    Quick fixes for Brooky

    I agree that good corporate facilities seems to be a requirement nowadays but the question for me is, even if we had great corporate facilities, would these be used? Have we got a waiting list of corporates who can't get in to the existing facilities or who don't want to use them cause they are...
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    If Toov's has been sacked in the media, A club great prior to the Penn's take over has hit a new low

    Hi all I haven't posted before but do spend a lot of time reading the posts. Really disappointed with the whole Toovey saga. Whether he is a good coach or not is hard for me to tell but I do love his passion for the club. Just on the BJ issue and possibly playing against the Cowboys, I do feel...
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