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Recent content by davidmanly

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    2017 Team Discussion

    Thank god thats over. Gillett was never leaving the bronks. Get a decent front rower, 5/8, centre and look out 2017. hope I'm not saying coach next year, time will tell.
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    Eagles Angel lets fly at state of junior rugby league

    I coach an under 13s team in north Queensland it's not a huge problem up here. But was amazed at the size of some of the poly kids when we traveled south for rep. What you said about their birth certificate's is true. Also kids who come to Australia without a birth certificate, there parents...
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    Solomona and Gillett

    Back to the Gillett situation, he won't be going anywhere. His manager is using the likes of us to drive his value up. Bronks will top him up with a fat 3rd party deal, don't get your hopes up.
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    SOO 3 ( what a waste of time)

    Have to admit I love the SOO series dead rubber or not. Being a NSW supporter living in QLD makes it a very interesting time of year. Boy they get passionate up here and good on em I say.
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    Dylan Walker Out

    As they say you don't have to be real smart to play fools ball. DUMB DUMB DUMB FU*#*# ing DUMB. To be a NRL coach.
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    [Resurrected] The Trent Vent

    Yep if you havnt seen the press conference check it out. Can not wait for Jake to be up there after a win, He was absolutely shattered.
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    [Resurrected] The Trent Vent

    Missed the game tonight went fishing instead, caught a 6kg snapper. Came home and watched the highlights, to be honest i wasnt really surprised with the results. You know what hurts the most was watching a shattered captain Tom at the press conference, breaks your heart.
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    How long before manly is back?

    When will we be back. I reckon if we can win one or two of the next 4. We than get all the boys back on the paddock look out top 8 here we come.
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    Stewart OUT

    We understand that he is out off form and all hope he turns it around. What we are concerned about is his shear lack of interest. He doesn't Evan want to kick return but rather give it to his wingers who, a lot of the time are in a worst field position than he is. It's not a good look when your...
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    Stewart OUT

    I don't think you can blame the coaching staff for Stewarts lack of interest on the field letting his team mates down. But you can blame them if they leave him there.
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    Game Day: Manly v Raiders [Round 13, 2016]

    Have a look at Stewarts stats and compare them to toms. Stewart must of only been on the field for ten minutes
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    Stewart OUT

    are you serious he won't have a go,if he did we would back him we had a sniff tonight were the fu-- was he . i would hate to be a winger with him in the side. would sell you the dump. He at the moment is a joke my 13 teen year old has more hart .fuc## of and retire.
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    Manly season over

    one word stewart
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    Game Day: Manly v Raiders [Round 13, 2016]

    Stewart is that bad fu#### joke. Never seen a player let his team mates down like that. Did not want to be there. Fuc### offfff
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    Game Day: Manly v Raiders [Round 13, 2016]

    Too many beers good night
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