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Recent content by Daddycool08

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    Tooves next NRL CEO?

    If he doesn't get it there "should be an investigation."
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    Hasim Elmasri charged with domestic violence

    Of course he'll be afforded a better deal than Snake was. He's a bulldog not an Eagle. How's the other Rooters bloke going with his domestic violence charge. The silence from the media on that score is deafening. Just as it will be with regard to Hazem. Over to you Rebecca. I hear a lot of...
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    Cowboys to open season

    I don't know; I'd probably watch the game to see Thurston v Foran to see how Brad Arthur has improved Foran's game.
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    Ivan Cleary Gone from Penrith

    And Tooves to the dogs.
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    Parra offer Hoppa unders to stay

    However, you miss one very important point. This is Parramatta not Manly. They'll probably change the rules so the Eels can pay him less.
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    Review of Third Party Agreements

    He want's to simplify it. Very simple - use a points system and let the players earn what they can.
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    Stop whinging about everything!

    Yes Mark. Whatever happened to Fro? He or She used to always pick up my 'speling' mistakes.
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    Stop whinging about everything!

    No you can't the anti-whinging police will come and arrest you.
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    Kapow Manly

    Hey man the Samaria was brilliant. But answer me this why didn't he ever bend over in the show? (Because there were too many eager ninja around.)
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    Nearly time for dear old Des to find a new club

    Didn't the Bee Gee's sing about some 'bald headed woman to me'?
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    Kapow Manly

    How about Rodger Ramjet and his performance enhancing 'proton' pill? Gee I must be getting old.
  12. D

    Kapow Manly

    That's why I don't go into the McDonalds toilet. Everyone else is has a quarter pounder am I'm have a junior burger.
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    Kapow Manly

    All it takes now is a little blue pill.@:blush:
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    Kapow Manly

    He had better change his style coming to Manly. For example he better not touch the shoulder of a referee like he did in the test he'll find it a very different proposition now. He had better remember the Manly loading by official-dumb. (Sorry about the spelling mistake.) @:)
  15. D


    Every fan has the right to think the very best of their team. I for one hope Manly does well and we get in the top 4 next year. As for Parramatta we'll see. Remember they are over the cap by half a million so they'll be docked four points.
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