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Recent content by Bearfax

  1. Bearfax


    Metcalf at 6? Cant see it because he doesn't have the distributing skill and his defence is in need of assistance. You need someone clever, who sets up your backs' attack, not just a flyer. As a replacement half, if you have a clever 5/8, there may be a role for him
  2. Bearfax

    TV audience numbers ....

    What about the cricket?
  3. Bearfax

    Cust V Croker

    I'm not sure Cust or Croker are long term propositions. I like Cust but the second half/hooker position seems to be heading Metcalfe's way, and if Fainu eventually comes back, then Levi's is back up hooker, or they share. Croker is only ever going to be a back up. Later this year Schuster will...
  4. Bearfax

    Second Brisbane team - 2023

    Great to see a second Brisbane side in the comp and it will limit the monopolisation of the Bronks in QLD. But not to also include a Perth side is madness in my opinion. The game is ready to thrive there and ignoring them only makes it harder later to keep crowds from turning to that other code...
  5. Bearfax

    Game Day Thread .. 9's

    Oh no. Well Dessie be available for Round 1 then?
  6. Bearfax


    Is he a potentially top winger falsely wearing a No 7?
  7. Bearfax


    I suspect some of you guys think I'm bagging Parker. I'm not. He's done a great job out wide. But let me suggest this scenario. Schuster was playing in the forwards as a junior early on and was seen as outstanding. But notice Manly moved him to 5/8 in the juniors and he starred big time. He...
  8. Bearfax


    I was suggesting he could play a similar role to Menzies, not that he was a Menzies clone SeaEagleRock. But I respect the fact that Menzies was unique, though perhaps young Ben T. has shown similar attributes at junior level (though at this stage not defensively). The problem for Parker is that...
  9. Bearfax


    What excites me is the POTENTIAL and yes Smokin' is right. We can only hope about these young kids coming through. But if the likes of Metcalfe, Cust, Hopoate, Schubert, Ben T. in the backs, attain their POTENTIAL, not to forget Suli, Garrick etc reaching the next level, the Sea Eagles could...
  10. Bearfax

    Do we possibly have.......

    Not to forget Ben T. who could turn into a monster playing in the centres. Very tall, big, surprisingly fast for a big man, strong, good hands and seems to know where to be at the right time. Only a kid at present but he could be anything as he develops.
  11. Bearfax

    Greenturds selective policy

    Just be glad Greenberg doesn't run the country. We'd go broke....hang on there...
  12. Bearfax

    RFL - 5 Greatest Players of All Time??

    I'm afraid I would not risk naming the best Rugby League players ever because most of them I didn't see or only saw intermittently playing for other clubs. Now Manly Sea Eagles after 1964, I could name my top 5 Fulton' Cliff Lyons Eadie Menzies Reilly followed by Brett Stewart Krillich Lyon...
  13. Bearfax

    JDB Federal Court Challenge

    If he is found guilty, then he gets what he deserves. But if Debelin is found not guilty, and despite the decision by the earlier court, this could turn into a serious case of Restraint of Trade with the potential, if the NRL are found at fault, of a possible Izzy like payout. Personally I think...
  14. Bearfax


    Thanks Smokin'. Look like we'll have to wait for the first grade trial to see if any of the new kids on the block get a chance to show their wares.
  15. Bearfax

    2020 Sea Eagles Junior Reps news

    Good start. Noted Manly's SG Ball side rated No 3 in the Tele
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