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Recent content by 40 years an eagle

  1. 40 years an eagle

    sCam talks retirement

    About flucking time! Good riddance to the biggest blight on the game in recent memory. (Bar maybe Greenturd...but it's REAL close.)
  2. 40 years an eagle

    Des back at work.

    Went back to work before the final siren.
  3. 40 years an eagle

    Walker Big Game Player!

    I have a feeling Walker will be a "Big Game Player!" for another team next year. I see Schuster as having been promised his shot next year to keep him Manly amidst big money trying to lure him away. A pre-season under Des may be all he needs? We will see. Off-season stuff is not my thing...
  4. 40 years an eagle

    Bernard Sutton had a blinder.

    As pissed as I am that we lost under the circumstances we did, in reality we all knew that it would end this way. Our opponents have always been given a leg-up by the admin. It has been this way back as far as I can remember, maybe excepting a little, but not totally when Arko was at the helm...
  5. 40 years an eagle

    Game Day: Manly v Souths [Finals week 2: 2019]

    Probably nothing at all, fine at the most.
  6. 40 years an eagle

    Kotoni Staggs

    Given permission to look for another club. I think it is more like being shown the door than being granted a release.
  7. 40 years an eagle


    It is so nice to have women here to take a bit of the testosterone-laden thoughts\opinions of all the male posters here. Thanks to both of you.
  8. 40 years an eagle

    Fainu Injury

    Yep, or a short talk about tough with Thrower, Freddy Jones, Igor and maybe even the recovering Wombat. I'm sure they would all be more than happily available for it. I'm expecting many of our greats being around right about now. Des is at the helm and culture is what we are better at than all...
  9. 40 years an eagle

    Kotoni Staggs

    Agree but where would you go to, the underachieving Knights with a NRL rookie coach or the the overachieving Sea Eagles under SuperDes? For me it would be a no-brainer.
  10. 40 years an eagle

    Pre-Game discussion: Manly v Souths [Finals week 2, 2019]

    I would imagine Elliot was involved with all the Snake input as well considering he has played more games at FB than TT has this year.
  11. 40 years an eagle

    Pre-Game discussion: Manly v Souths [Finals week 2, 2019]

    T Rex won't be playing at all. He wasn't given an exemption to play last week and nobody who played is injured, so he won't be given an exemption this week either.
  12. 40 years an eagle


  13. 40 years an eagle

    Slow backs looking quicker !!

    Horhay is not as slow as many think. His open space opportunities have been few and far between but showed enough pace with the said scamper. Most winger tries nowadays are derived from created space or great and/or tough finishing, not from outpacing their opposites. The latter are very rare...
  14. 40 years an eagle

    Our Forwards ... 2020 ( )

    Thommo was already done. Gosi and Sipley's extensions were strategically announced. Des at work I imagine.
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