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We need a top 8 coach.

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by IQofalimabean, May 15, 2016.

  1. IQofalimabean

    IQofalimabean Well-Known Member

    +273 / 11
    We need a coach who can turn this club into one that challenges for the title. A proven and consistent coach that regularly gets his team to finish in the finals even though his team might not be much chop, that is the sort of coach this club needs. If Manly can not afford it than make DCE coach we sure as hell pay him enough@:D.
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    Last edited: May 15, 2016
  2. Turbo

    Turbo Well-Known Member

    +1,568 / 497
    Barrett is proven what we all though at the start of the year he is not up to coaching NRL just yet. His experiments are all failing like Taupau in the backrow, walker at 5/8 is a complete disaster and is making us lose games. Going into 2016 with only one half was absolutely ****en stupid!!!! We better start winning some games
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  3. MissKate

    MissKate Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +1,021 / 7
    (brad arthur), mary mcgregor, shane flanagan & ricky stewart are all top 8 coaches at the moment....... So that isn't really a great benchmark
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  4. IQofalimabean

    IQofalimabean Well-Known Member

    +273 / 11
    Well we don't want to go after flash in the pan coaches like stewart, lol that's for sure. I am talking about coaches that rarely miss the 8. I am pretty sure there are plenty around here that would like tearing the heart and soul out of the dogs, storm or Brisbane.
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  5. JenEagle

    JenEagle Well-Known Member

    +1,636 / 45
    We should be going after Des with everything we have.

    No idea who thought Barrett would be better than Toovey. It wasn't any of us on here. We gave Trent our full support but none of us woke up one morning last year and went I've got it: Trent Barrett is the answer. No offence to Trent personally of course.
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  6. torana355

    torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +1,491 / 27
    I would love for Des to come back, Others would prefer we never win another game before he comes back. Its really split down the middle. Who knows perhaps it not even the coach and it just our ageing squad. I guess by power of deduction we will soon find out.

    MANLY4LIFE Well-Known Member

    +384 / 6
    i fall on the side of not wanting him back ! but i would fall on my own sword and admit we need HIM back they can deny it all they like but dollar de$ isnt a bulldog,doggler needs to come home !! I get the feeling Barrett is keeping the seat warm and bozo will realise this stupid and risky experiment of getting an unproven bloke into a winning culture like manly was wrong wrong wrong !!!!


    as for PENN manly didnt win last night but his pockets did thats all he cares about
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  8. bob dylan

    bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

    +4,404 / 130
    Jack Gibson couldn't coach our current roster.

    We have many many issues.

    If they are not addressed promptly we will become the next Wedts Tigers.
  9. nightster

    nightster grumpy old bastard

    grew up Manly now Byron
    +1,417 / 43
    .. I beg to differ Bob ... I think a great coach could result in a huge improvement with our current roster ... including some of the juniors ...won't bother naming names its been done so often by Turbo :rolleyes:
  10. Moops

    Moops Well-Known Member

    +394 / 26
    Mary McGregor? What happened to those LOL at St George posts?
  11. Nice Beaver

    Nice Beaver Active Member

    +590 / 17
    Let's see how Barrett goes if and when the old brigade in the backs move on and those dead weight forwards that were not wanted bugger off.

    Knight will come in soon, Fanua-Blake wil have another year under his belt and I am sure there are plans in place for replacements next year.

    I am as frustrated as evwryone else. But as soon as we start this sacking of coaches stuff after 10 veey disrupted rounds, we become the Eels or Tigers. No thanks.
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    Last edited: May 15, 2016
  12. Loobs

    Loobs I am not really Scott Penn Premium Member

    +6,410 / 257
    I think they'll sack Barrett when they can finally agree on which Silvertails poster will replace him. Very tough call with all these quality takes.
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  13. Daddycool

    Daddycool Well-Known Member

    +283 / 2
    It's easy to forget because it has been 12 years but Hasler took 2 years to gradually build the team's playing style up to a point, where in 2005 they were competitive. They targeted certain players for the positions they needed and the culture grew & grew. Toove's kept it going and it lasted all the way thru until the end of 2014.

    Some coaches can come into a club & have instant success (Bennett @ the Dragons 2009-2010, Robinson @ the Roosters 2013, Hasler @ the Dogs 2012 and now Bennett @ the Bronco's 2015-2016) however it usually takes several seasons to build the combinations.

    Barrett was the best up & coming young coach available at the time. Cartwright has a tonne of experience & Seibold is very highly regarded. I'm not suggesting Barrett is a lay down as our long term coach but he should be given at least 2 seasons to show what he can do.
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  14. Loobs

    Loobs I am not really Scott Penn Premium Member

    +6,410 / 257
    Please take that logical and reasonable point and GTFO!
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  15. manlyfan76

    manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

    Anywhere but Parramatta
    +5,351 / 111
    If this rot keeps up im going to have to google Peter Sharps coaching record.
  16. Jerry1

    Jerry1 Well-Known Member

    +2,470 / 80
    I'd take the dalai over the ball tamperer any day...
  17. Crusher_Cleal

    Crusher_Cleal Well-Known Member

    +555 / 17
    I will always worry about any coach who brings in Brown but lets go Hiku, but he hasn't had enough time yet with a healthy squad.
  18. brad

    brad Well-Known Member

    +1,561 / 59
    Who is stewart . Is glen stewart coaching ? . Ohhh sorry mate do you me ricky Stuart.
  19. conanu

    conanu Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +1,839 / 31
    Although we weren't an overnight success when Des took over, for those of us that remember there was a stark contrast in the cohesion and direction of the team from the Peter Sharp to Des Hasler era, it was obvious in the way we played.

    And who said Barrett was the best up and coming coach available? The Penrith U20's won the GF the year after he left. In fact Penrith in the year before Trent Barrett coached them playing under Garth Brennan came 2nd in U20's, then Barrett took over they came 10th and missed the finals, Then Barrett left and Cameron Ciraldo took over and they came 1st.

    That was what I based my opinion of Barrett on when I found out they were going to replace Toovey for this results driven new coach. That and also had information from a player that had played under Barrett at Penrith. Unfortunately guys Barrett is all show and no go.

    Bozo has made a big mistake but I doubt they will admit it.
  20. Rusty Cage

    Rusty Cage Active Member

    +285 / 9
    Anthony Griffin was available. Bennett has walked into his team at Brisbane.
    He was my clear choice then and is still up there now.
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