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We are a poorly coached team

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Lyonstomenzies, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Lyonstomenzies

    Lyonstomenzies Well-Known Member

    +605 / 18
    Terrible discipline.
    Terrible defensive structures.

    Fix this and we win more that we lose.

    Hopefully Barrett can do this, and also have Parcell starting hooker for next season.
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  2. CBreeagles

    CBreeagles Active Member

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    I'd put "Terrible injury toll" and "Terrible draw" up first before those two.
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  3. Turbo

    Turbo Well-Known Member

    +1,568 / 497
    I think we will be better next year. All the boys have played a whole year together now and know each other's plays. DCE and Buhrer have a nice combo one of the best I've seen in a while, DCE and Tom another good combo which is building well. I just can't wait to see Tom next year, fully fit, a full year under his belt he will be scoring 5 or 6 tries a game he is that good. Parcells needs to run the ball more cause when he did today he was lethal. No more Williame please only as a back up. Hopefully we can get this side in the park next year.

    1: T Trbojevic
    2: J Taufua
    3: D Walker
    4: M Wright
    5: B Parker
    6: B Green
    7: D Cherry-Evans
    8: J Trbojevic
    9: M Parcell
    10: D Lussick
    11: M Taupau
    12: M Gillett (please god maybe even give us J Roberts also)
    13: J Buhrer

    14: A Koroisau
    15: A Fonua-Blake
    16: L Knight
    17: W Meehan/J Hopoate
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  4. winnyason

    winnyason Well-Known Member

    +504 / 32
    I blame injuries again and be a puppet to Zorba
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  5. Wyllie Eagle

    Wyllie Eagle Active Member

    +284 / 5
    I don't want to hear the excuses about the number of injuries/at least they had a dig etc etc. That scoreline flattered Manly. We're clueless in defence, make ridiculous errors like passing to the opposition twice, miss kicks for touch, kickout on the full. We just keep outdoing ourselves on that front every week. We have flashes of good formations in attack very occasionally but in the main, our attacking structures are non-existent. Yes it is hard to build combinations with a multitude of injuries but for God's sake, haven't these blokes been playing long enough now to at least properly mark up in defence and not make schoolboy errors! I don't know if it's coaching or what but it's friggin painful to watch
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    DUFFMAN Active Member

    +264 / 5
    Having the Broncos draw would help.
    5 day turn arounds and small crowds from playing Thursday and Monday nights compared to playing nearly every Friday.
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  7. Lyonstomenzies

    Lyonstomenzies Well-Known Member

    +605 / 18
    Also having the discipline to not throw no look passes out the back.

    Have set attacking options in certain zones of the field. Making sure ball security is essential in our own 20m.

    Have better defensive ruck training so that we don't give away the most ruck penalties in the NRL.

    Having one of our forwards with fast leg speed or fast plays of the balls, running at backs/halves on the 4th tackle so the 5th tackle option gives a fast play of the ball and the kicker can have more time.

    Also have 2 options of kickers on each side of the ruck so that we have less predictable 5th tackle plays.

    These things are what well coached teams do week in week out.

    Do we practise 5th tackle plays for golden point matches. The players should all know there roles when this comes about. March down the field and set it so that on the 5 tackle, we are on the preferred side of the field for the player to take the kick. This should be practiced over and over again.

    I don't know if we are training like this, have these structures, and are just not executing during the game??? Maybe these things are not being practiced or trained.

    I'm not writing off Barrett as its his first year and we have had terrible luck with injuries, draw etc... I just think if he can fix these things we will be a good team.
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  8. XV-1

    XV-1 Well-Known Member

    +489 / 49
    Yea but Trent Barrett has the best hair out of any coach in the league :giggle:
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  9. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member

    Mona Vale
    +4,719 / 96
    I counted 10 tries we scored today. Unfortunately, four of them were for the Faders.
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  10. king2213

    king2213 Well-Known Member

    +982 / 159
    the last year of Barretts contract will reflect if he has what it takes... we have 2 more years to go before we find out if he is a winner
  11. Eagle of London

    Eagle of London Member

    +183 / 17
    Im sorry to wind some of you up but

    Bring back Des. Now.

    Make barrett his No.2 and get cartwright the f### out of dodge now.

    I would love to sit here a say lets see how we go next year. Lets give the coaching team a bit longer but i cant. Because if at this point next year we are still crap and its been another year of blah blah blah im going to be very dissapointed.

    We are a better side than this year shows even with the injuries. If this side was properly coached we would be in the 8.

    I know lots on here have a sour taste left from the hasler saga but FFS he's a super coach. If the dogs continue to go sour i implore the powers that be to get back one of the greatest leaders our club has ever had.

    Another golden era is just on the horizon but unless the coaching team is changed then im afraid the sun may set on it before it even gets going.
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  12. Terry Zarsoff

    Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

    +3,360 / 66
    Got it in one.

    Important stuff, right there.
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  13. Terry Zarsoff

    Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

    +3,360 / 66
    Part of the problem is that too many of the current team members are either of marginal first grade standard or are over the hill.

    Blokes like Billiarmy and Sparrow are in the first group and Mate Nyles is in the second.

    That makes it tough for any coach, let alone a rookie.
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  14. JenEagle

    JenEagle Well-Known Member

    +1,608 / 41
    The results are the results. We have finished on the table where we deserve for the rubbish we have mainly dished up this year since round one.
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  15. Harvies elbow

    Harvies elbow Well-Known Member

    +1,691 / 20
    Cartwright is the old head.
    More of the blame should fall on him....
    He's the artifact you buy at a silent auction that you think will come in handy but just takes up space !!!
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  16. niccipops

    niccipops un echidna spillo mia bevanda Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

    +5,435 / 49
    I agree that we need improvement in all areas, coaching, recruiting and playing but did people really think with a completely busted team we can beat competition favourites like Melbourne and Canberra?
    I hate losing and always feel down after a loss but I'm happy with the effort the team is putting in. Both the past two games could have gotten particularly ugly but they are playing their guts out.
    Errors cost us this game and bad goal kicking. The last penalty to the raiders at the end was BS and I think Tommy's try was fair which could have gone a long way towards changing the result.
    I really do see big improvements coming in this team.
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  17. Kevinward777

    Kevinward777 Well-Known Member

    +1,167 / 26
    Fark me, give this girl the prize, she's summed it up perfectly. Has anyone taken a look at the state of our backline the last two weeks. Players out of position, reserve graders filling the gaps, a Holden Cup centre on the wing and key personnel playing completely busted. We just played the two form sides of the comp while DECIMATED by injuries. Not one or two injured, totally farking obliterated by injuries. To the point whete the only players of first grade standard in our backline are playing on despite requiring surgery. Imagine if Baz sent Tom, Jorge and Chez off for surgery, we would get beaten by fifty and some on here would be screaming that our attack looks ****e. This is the toughest rugby league competition in the world and we can barely field a side, yet the players continue to have a red hot crack for 80 minutes.
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  18. HK_Eagle

    HK_Eagle Well-Known Member

    Hong Kong
    +895 / 20
    And our table position is far from settled yet. Roosters looking good against Sharkies tonight and a win will have them one game behind us. A Rabbits win will see them draw level on points though we hold them off on F&A for now.
  19. niccipops

    niccipops un echidna spillo mia bevanda Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

    +5,435 / 49
    Can I just have cash?:p
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  20. court83

    court83 Active Member

    +152 / 11
    I wouldnt say terrible coaching
    Ide say inexperienced coach who dosent know what hes doing at a new club..
    Mix that with a side full of mercenaries and we wont win much for awhile...
    Apart from the coaching, the main thing that stood out about manly over the last decade was the fact that the guys on the park would kill for each other... Whether they were local juniors or guys brought in, sooner or later you could SEE that bond between players out there...
    I cant see that at all this year, maybe it will grow on them over the off season, but in my opinion, myles,tapau,wright,walker,korisau,green amd brown are just players showing up to play a bit of footy and cash the cheques... A far cry from the bond you could see in the stewarts,lyon,matai,ballin,watmough,
    Buhrer, king era... Even guys like perry,boxhead,rose,mauro,robertson,ox,
    bell etc etc bought into it in their first season
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