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Players Lost & Gained ??

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by maxta, May 19, 2016.

  1. maxta

    maxta Well-Known Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

    Toowoomba, Queensland
    +2,344 / 56
    GAINS -
    *Myles & Brown have been poor...ppl can argue Myles defence is solid, but little yardage in attack & his main trump card - lifting intensity & leadership, are not there
    *Kapow has been reasonable - not fantastic - better than most think, as his minutes are far greater & role is different - for mine Manly got him due to impact & have taken it away...
    *Parcel has been good & shows signs of being great
    *Lussick has not been as good as expected, though media rate him - long way to go yet imo
    *Walker has had limited dynamic moments, nullified imo, by the 5/8 experiment & would have another 5-6 linebreaks at centre, shocking defence early that has gradually improved
    *Api horror start against Dogs, but been very good since
    *Godinet a fast terrier, but no long term solution...
    *AFB is a gun who deserves to keep his spot - has another 40% improvement & for a young bull, shows more intensity than the old heads

    LOSSES -
    Players GOOOOrn
    *Dunamis can't even crack the Dragons & shown little when he has
    *Hasson living in NSW cup, but to be fair-Eels pack shows little chance at top grade
    *JSL played an amazing final game in 2015 against Sharks & loved his tempo, another struggling to make a great pack, who's energy at Manly would be a plus...
    *Hiku has scored a few at Penrith & also let plenty in, tough NZ international who plays with intensity - a big thing lacking at Manly right now
    *Gutherson has been good but feel many are over rating his performances in a team that has been very dominant- some nice attack but plenty of errors that have been covered up by some great Eels defence...in saying that, would be in the current Manly backline all day....

    What's the opinions on gains & losses form so far Silvertails??
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  2. Budgewoi Eagle

    Budgewoi Eagle In for the long haul. Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

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    Toovey - fascinating to listen to on NRL360 every Thursday night.
    Barrett - Um, ah ... I got nuthin'.
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  3. EagleFlys

    EagleFlys Well-Known Member

    +516 / 30
    Cant really argue with that summation.

    Parcell and AFB have outperformed expectations.
    API. Walker. Brown. Godinet. have met expectations (that weren't that high).
    Myles. Lussick. Walker. Kapow clearly underperforming expectations (that were high).

    Myles was a gold coast plodder (SOO demon) aged 30 when we bought him for 550k to lead the forwards for 3 years. Obviously things are not working out there as plodders rarely lead anything.

    Lussick was meant to harden the pack, but mostly still gives away penalties, or drops the pill, and isn't hitting hard enough in defense (or just simply misses).
    Walker was sold to us as a ball player, who turns out cant.
    Kapow (i might be a bit harsh here) was a line breaking attacking machine, that would harden the pack at 13, but didn't. Simply being suspended 4 weeks out of 13 suggests this is not going to be the case.

    The outs are clearly right, but Hiku or Gutherson would walk into our starting 13 atm without hesitation.

    Should never have bought brown or API. Should have kept Gutho and Hiku.
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  4. Woodsie

    Woodsie played strong, done good.

    +4,728 / 100
    Ballin. Foran.
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  5. king2213

    king2213 Well-Known Member

    +1,042 / 171
    Justin Horo i will admitt his form was down ! But on his day was a solid footballer !
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  6. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +6,084 / 285
    01. Tim Moltzen
    02. David Williams
    03. Clint Gutherson
    04. Peta Hiku
    05. Cheyse Blair
    06. Kieran Foran
    07. Jack Littlejohn
    08. Willie Mason
    09. Matt Ballin
    10. Ligi Sao
    11. Michael Chee Kam
    12. Dunamis Lui
    13. Justin Horo

    14. Will Pearsall
    15. James Hasson
    16. Jesse Sene-Lefeo
    17. Addison Demtriou
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  7. king2213

    king2213 Well-Known Member

    +1,042 / 171

    This would beat our current with a good coach !
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  8. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +6,084 / 285
    They'd have much more heart at least.
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  9. jbb/james

    jbb/james Well-Known Member

    +885 / 21
    I think myles is ok but he is being utilised the wrong way. Stick him in the backrow as a workhorse and make him earn his coin off his skillset

    I thought horo was really emerging as a player, i thought he had spent a few years under choc and glen and had learnt his craft. He wa starting to read the tempo of gains and was trying to change the tempo in games.would have loved to have kept him, he was developing as a forward leader. Biggest loss is my opinion

    Everyone loved jesse, his crazy arm running action full of exuberence. Sad loss but can cope

    Not sold on api except for depth, at this stage would have preferred ballin and parcell than api and parcell but thats the way it is.

    I thought sao could really kick on , had some skills . Needs to find the right club.

    Brown will be better next year when we are not so squad heavy in forwards and he gets a permananent role

    Marty and walker were solid signings but again dont seem to be utilised correctly. The whole use of backrowers these days is counter productive.

    The recruitment process will be a 2 year plan, after next year the squad will take on a better shape. Barret has testing times ahead , he needs to get the roles right and set, he has had lots of disruption so im prepared to cut him slack

    One signing that never gets mentioned , especially around the results driven business tag , is who signed brett up long term , that has proved to be a monumental blunder. Yes he is classy but he will be very hard to move on considering his reluctance to get tackled, and his actual game time. No doubt if we are lucky enough to , we will be playing a fair chunk of his salary. If not we will be no better than parra next year , paying a motza for players in the cap that dont play
  10. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

    +3,624 / 132
    They would get lapped by Newcastle
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  11. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

    +12,702 / 257
    I was howled down when I posted this about 2 months ago BUT I'm still of the belief that this is year 1 in a 5 year plan to get to another set of Grand Finals.

    Much as we did back in 2005-6, some of those players didn't get to play in our 2007-08 Grand Final appearances, and ditto many of the current players won't when I hope we will make the GF's in about 2020-21 ( just hope I'm alive to see it happen).

    I think we all know our key signings this year were Marty and for one with promise Matt Parcell (I'm still of the belief he'll play for QLD one day).

    Nate Myles, signed probably to pacify DCE, Brown / Api signed probably on Barrett's say so.

    And no doubt many of the players discarded were discarded due to their loyalty to the previous coach, its been part of a very very painful cleaning out that Penn, Bozo, ZtH and co wanted to happen...right or wrong I guess they pay the bills!

    Of our 3 aging superstars, 1 has announced that this is his last year, I imagine Brett "might" follow as he's just not keeping up with the pace of the game these days and of course the constant injuries issue, if he doesn't I'd suggest regardless of loyalties there will be a tap on the shoulder and yes possibly we will have to be paying some of his salary in 2017.

    Skivvy I think might be moved on as well, (and we might or might not have to pay there as well) so I'm thinking round 25 at Brookvale will see the departure of the last players from the 2007-08 Grand Finals, and naturally a very emotional and sad day regardless of the win/loss on the day itself.

    I don't see 2017 being a whole lot better than 2016, when our "big 3" go it will be a hell of a hole to fill (regardless of their current performances), so its still part of the rebuild situation, although a lot will depend on how either our young stars in waiting step up, or how we recruit, salary cap dependant.

    I think we will need to wait until 2018 for some consistently better performances, which I know irks you "instant gratification" younger set, but as we have seen with the 2-3 front runners it doesn't just happen overnight.

    I'm a bit more patient than many of you, I guess age does that to you, and I never expected instant success in 2016.......a new team, a brand new coach, it was never going to happen.
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  12. Chip and Chase

    Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

    +6,282 / 44
    I think some of the new recruits form has been dragged down by the overall squad performance so far this year. It'd be hard to find a stand out performer in our team, old or new !! Key players in Snake, Chez and Killer aren't exactly shooting the lights out at the moment so as a whole the squad looks lacklustre. Injuries haven't helped either obviously

    I do agree that I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the impact that Kapow and Walker have had, maybe I got caught in the hype and set my expectations a bit high, but they haven't delivered on my perceived potential.
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  13. Loobs

    Loobs I am not really Scott Penn Premium Member

    +6,400 / 257
    How much of Myles 500 is TPA's? Hopefully a lot.

    Switch Myles and Jake. Jake is a better prop and Myles is probably better anywhere else.
  14. Nordburg

    Nordburg Well-Known Member

    +868 / 47
    Horo played good for 2 of the 3 seasons he was there.They coincided with the last yr of each contract.So if they kept signing him to 1 yr contracts he may of been good,but.....
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  15. manlyfan76

    manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

    Anywhere but Parramatta
    +5,341 / 111
    Myles is a current Qld origin starter and Kapow and Walker played for their countries last year. They were not over hyped.
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  16. ricardo

    ricardo Well-Known Member

    +1,079 / 68
    Correct. Not overhyped, misused.
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  17. nightster

    nightster grumpy old bastard

    grew up Manly now Byron
    +1,401 / 43
    I'm older than you Mark and I'm bloody impatient ..... just for a show of ... 'I Really Want To Win' from my team
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  18. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

    +12,702 / 257
    Agree, even in those tough times ( Northern Eagles aside) they did try their guts out!!
  19. Mr Manly 007

    Mr Manly 007 Active Member

    +216 / 5

    Very good accurate assessment ..
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  20. Shoe1

    Shoe1 Well-Known Member

    +4,631 / 74
    Yep. We basically lost a whole team

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