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Hard to compete with Dodgy TPAs

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Simonmyers11, May 17, 2016.

  1. Simonmyers11

    Simonmyers11 Well-Known Member

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    Reading the telegraph this morning (unable to post link as not a subscriber - maybe someone else can?) about the dodgy cash payments and TPAs by the eels over the last few years.M akes it hard to have faith in the NRL and get excited when manly are competing against teams who are extorting the TPAs. In a few recorded statements from the board meetings, such as this made by Anderson "we needed extra millions, not 500k. Millions to compete with Brisbane, Dogs and Roosters. Those teams do it very well and have 2 - 2.5 million in TPAs. We need to do the same, but need to be careful - as we are extorting the cap!

    We all looked at the roosters side in previous years, and dogs. And now brisbane broncos etc and how they can keep their stars and keep recruiting big name players. Inglis to broncos is the rumor? How?

    Manly did have a great side for years, but the players took payment cuts to stay together, and only in the last few years good players have had to be moved on to stay salary cap compliant.

    You look at the eels who had dodgy payments to hoppa, Choc, peats, sandow etc etc over 3 million in the last 3 years! The penalty can't be harsh enough to rub this out. And we need all NRL teams on a level playing field. Lowly titans are 800k under the cap (performing ok mind you considering)

    Just makes you loose faith in the NRL and not get excited until they make all TPAs public information and crack down on these dodgy deals. How can NRL commentators feel any sympathy at all for teams that cheat that bad.
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  2. mbe

    mbe Active Member

    Northern Beaches
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    Maybe they should have TPAs restricted to not more than $1 million dollars per team and even though they don't belong to the salary cap have to recorded for everyone to see including the NRL.
    Make it more transparent.
  3. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member

    Mona Vale
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    If the NRL had any semblance of 'fair play' then they would use their much touted 'war chest' to recruit marquee players only for the club that, at the time, is last on the premiership table (there would have to be a clause inserted making clubs that have lost points for rorting ineligible that season).
    Thus, if Hayne comes back then he has to play for Newcastle, or not play at all.
    To allow Hayne to go to Easts or another privileged club would just continue to show how uneven this comp is.
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  4. HappilyManly

    HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

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    Won't help much as Family members are not under NRL control.@:cool:

    The Cowboy's real estate deals are another likely kickback.

    NRL need to go back to ARL guidelines by grading each player with a Cap percentage value.
    We used to be limited to the number of Internationals that a Club could contract for instance.

    Grading a Roo Player with say 10% of Cap value, would stop Clubs like the Broncs fielding 11. Then it wouldn't matter if they were paid from Cap or TPA monies.:nod:

    Other Sports have managed to work it out, so could the NRL.
    Get Tooves onto it, he can audit it :lightbulb:
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  5. marcjohnpsg

    marcjohnpsg Active Member

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    On the subject of TPA's, I read an interesting post on another league site. Please see below...

    'I heard a story by Josh Massoud regarding Kieran Foran and the leaks of his allegedly unpaid third party payments at Manly. Massoud's odds that is was the Eels who it was leaked this information may well be spot on the mark. The person who created the leak may come as a surprise, given his supposed admiration for Foran. I have some reason to believe that it was Brad Arthur who actually leaked the information to media. I have been made aware of a discussion that took place in a multi-level car park, near Church Street Parramatta. It seems that Arthur and possibly another Parramatta official, were having a discussion. At some point during this, I have been told that Arthur stated to the person present; 'I would do anything for this club, I think that I showed that by leaking Foz's ****ing dollar issues with Manly out there'. They then parted company.'
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  6. Woodsie

    Woodsie played strong, done good.

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    Wait a minute, solicitors write letters demanding payment.

    Manly said they have asked several times for documentation.

    It can not have been much of a bloody secret. The number of people who knew must be a 100.

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