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Channel 9 Team

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by fLIP, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. fLIP

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    This was posted on MSE I think. Took it from LU though. Very funny read.

    Rabs: "Hughes passes to Sherwin passes to Sonny Bill...steps around one, steps around two....oh BEEEEEAVERRR!!!"

    Gould: "OOOOHHHH...ho-ho-ho-ho"

    Rabs: "Steven Beaver Menzies...take a bow."

    Gould: "Yeah baby"

    Rabs: "The veteran...the 33 year old master, has taught the young apprentice a lesson!"

    Harragon: "I remember playing for Newcastle against Spud..."
    (off-mike comment from Gould "shut up chief")

    Rabs: "Sonny Bill Williams...has been served up a taste of his own medicine by" (lowering of voice) "the BEEEAVER"

    Gould: "Ahhh....textbook tackle, it's like I always say (blah blah blah)...I mentioned this before (blah blah blah)...when I coached him in origin (blah blah blah)"

    Rabs: "Sideline comment, Matthew Johns"

    Johns: "Yes Ray...you could hear the wind get knocked out of Wiliams on the sidelines. The young gun, Sonny Bill...hasn't been smashed by a Beaver that hard since that night at the Coogee Bay Hotel..."

    Rabs: (butts in) "Thank you Matthew...now, Bill Harrigon is looking at replays of the tackle, trying to find something wrong with it...."

    Gould: "There was nothing wrong in that...just a perfect tackle. I've always said there should be more of that type of tackle"

    Sterling: (commenting on the replay) "...and you know he's made a good tackle when he gets up and adjusts the headgear"

    Rabs: "Referee Steve Clarke is now calling out Menzies and Orford...let's hear what he has to say"

    Clarke: "The video referee has reviewed the tackle, we can't find anything wrong with it, but since you're a Manly player it's going on report"

    Orford: "What?"

    Clarke: "I spoke to you before the game about the way you speak to me...don't let it continue"

    Gould: "Ohhhhh, that'll do me....that's not a penalty"

    Sterling: "Silly play there from the Sea Eagles"

    Rabs: "We'll go to a break while they call for the stretcher!"

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