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Beaver from the UK

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 15, 2009.

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    The darts come out as snow sets in

    Steve Menzies | February 15, 2009

    One way or another, we are going to beat Hull Kingston Rovers.
    I'm hoping to make my belated debut for Bradford tomorrow (Australian time), but there's literally a cloud hanging over the game. Our opening match against Harlequins was called off last weekend because of too much ice and snow on the pitch. I knew it was going to be cold over here, but not this cold! In all my years of football, it's the first time the weather has stopped a match going ahead.
    The closest we got to abandoning one in Australia was during a trial match for the Northern Eagles. An electrical storm hit Gosford just as we kicked off, and with the ball still in the air, the lights went out. Thankfully, after 10 minutes of standing in darkness, the power returned and we finished the game. I'm not sure if we'll be as lucky this time around, as there's about six centimetres of snow on the field.
    Some of the boys were pretty disappointed we didn't get to play London last weekend. After training all pre-season, they were keen to finally get amongst it. I wasn't really that fussed. At least if we play tomorrow, my first game will be at home.
    However, even if the game is called off, Hull KR can still expect a challenge. During my time at Manly, the game of choice amongst the boys off the field was poker. Over here, it's darts. There is a darts frenzy amongst my Bulls teammates and I've even hung up a board in my garage. After beating my Aussie teammate Chris Nero the other day, I'm ready to take on all comers. So if the footy is cancelled, I'll challenge the Hull KR guys to a game of darts. The darts will be buffed and shined. Hopefully, I'll also get a chance to blow the dust off the golf clubs soon. And maybe even play a game of footy!

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