Why can't Manly play like they did against Canberrra, every week??

Our beloved Sea Eagles were magnificent in their crushing victory over what is supposed to be a very good Rugby League team.
I was sure that Canberra was going to win easily.
I'm never sure which Manly team will turn up to the venue.
Which team will descend from the bus.
Did they bring the right attitude to the game.
Do they know the names of their teammates?

Well, everything went to plan at GIO Stadium on Sunday 21/05/2023.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
It was even better than a few weeks earlier when Manly crushed The Storm 18-8
Manly were dominant in all aspects of the game.

I'm naively asking, why can't they play like that on a regular basis?
I've witnessed teams winning Premierships with that standard of Rugby League.

Go Maaaaanly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've loved The Sea Eagles ever since I knew who they were as a 6-year-old.


If only the answer were so simple, then we’d have the premiership last year! I think it’s impossible for a team to play with such intensity every week. However, the premiership winning teams are still
able to maintain discipline, grit and determination to win even when they are performing poorly.

Honestly we have lacked the discipline that an elite, premiership winning team requires since our march to the GF in 2013. Manly sides since then have not been disciplined enough to grind through wins when performing at a subpar level.

You are only as good as your weakest player - and unfortunately we just don’t have the consistent quality through the entire 17 (both in terms of physical quality and mental discipline).


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Why not ask why the raiders can win 5 in a row then get flogged? Or how the Chooks and Cows can start the year as favourites but lose more games than they win?
Check out the ladder - even the very best teams have lost 4 games. Manly has lost 5 (would only be 4 but for ref blunder v Souths)
Such a lot of small moments can change a game. If Jake and Tom hadn't stopped Whitehead would the raiders game have gone a different way? Maybe!

Yes obviously Manly can improve in a bunch of areas and that will help get consistency of performance, but team changes through injury and suspension don't help, plus our squad is still pretty young. Personally I don't put it down to incompetence or not caring. I've seen plenty of effort in all our games, just cruelled at times by a few poor moments and a combination of circumstances.
I'm really appreciating the comments from Raffa and SeaEagleRock8.
Two very insightful Manly supporters that clearly understand the many aspects of the game.

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