Where were the supporters?



Just back from the game and couldn't belive that only 9,000 people turned up to see what ended up being a great game. Where was everyone?

Except for a couple of handling errors deadwood might shake off the deadwood tag. Burns also continues to amaze with the amount of defensive work he does. He smashed Donnelly with a great tackle in the first half.

The team played fantastic and there was a lot of spirit and enthusiasim amongst the players tonight. Well done fellas.

Jatz Crackers

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Thanks Tookey. Great to hear.

Could you or anyone advise what positions did Steppa & Hicks play ?

Any observations on Styles ?


UFO Hunter
Steppa outside centre, hicks left wing.

steppa just keeps proving he should be in the starting line up.
Great game - pissed off a couple we play cards with as would not come to the table until the game was won - great to see Bryant get a try.

Jatz Crackers

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Well, it goes to show me, that Des is meeting the most important facet of coaching. And that is have the team mentally and physically prepared to play and willing to go out and win.

From what i heard tonight it seems Des has continued with that success, & with a batch of new faces to boot.

Congrats to both team & coach. :clap:
oh well jatz.at least it will keep the doomsayers at bay for a couple of weeks at least.great performances by burns,matai,orford,dunley,monaghan,choc......forget that,great effort from all the boys.proud night to be an eagle!


Booyah. Watmough had his usual drop ball, but was class tonight. Very impressed with Glenn Stewart, thought he went very well. They were all good though. Needed that going into the bye.


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Well played Lads. Orford is going Very well.

I did notice Ian Donelly run over Choc though.


UFO Hunter
Choc played the majority of the game with a shiner just under his right eye. Looked like he was struggling to keep it open towards the end.


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We were always going to struggle to get a decent crowd against Melbourne. It was live on Fox and at around 5pm there was a massive thunderstorm in Manly. It only lasted 10 minutes or so but it was heavy enough to cause some minor nuisance flooding.

I suspect any wavering fans that may have been the last straw and they watched the game from the comfort of the loungeroom.

Just on the game I thought Travis Burns was sensational tonite. he is simply fearless in defence now if only he could improve his attacking skills a tad we will have a great No 6 for many years to come.


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The game was very good. Some very good signs:-

Styles played very well for a first gamer;
Moorwood looks a LOT better;
Rose dominated (if he lost weight, I kept thinkinh he could be ANYTHING !!!)
Monaghan good again;
Orford dominated, and his kicking game was amazing;
Robertson is a player we can call CONSISTENT;
Matai played well;
Glenn Stewart needs to be in the team more (than Willow);

There appeared to be ENTHUSIASM back in the team !!!

Well done Manly, rest up, and in a fortnight, lets dig in !!!


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Stewart and Bryant really deserved their tries. Both hardworkers (Stewie more in PL of course) who usually don't get much success in terms of points. Brett Stewart still seemed injured and was slow to his feet to play the ball every time. Glad we have the break this week!


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Can't take too much out of this win, given the weakened teams, but some random thoughts, (without attempting to be comprehensive) for what it's worth:

Winning without BK - Yes!

Rose missed a tackle badly on Cooper Cronk that led to a try. Commentators pointed to lack of footwork which is probably right. Apart from that miss he played well & is a v. interesting prospect.

Consistent lack of pressure on their kickers was again pointed out, correctly, by Pearce. Needs some work. Hicks in particular fantastic under bombs. Our kicking by both Monas and the Ox was superb. And the surprise packet was Travis who did some very good long kicks. Even Choc put in a v. good one for a trap ingoal.

Lots of errors by both sides. Slippery ball.

Interesting stat that Travis is the second most penalised player in the NRL. Must be mostly for high shots and early season penalties for talking to refs. Has the chats problem under control now, and hopefully can reduce the high shots, but he was superb again against the Storm.

TV commentators glowing in praise of Dunley & referred to his popularity & respect from his Manly peers. They were also glowing in commentary on Burns.

Cooper Cronk and Donnelly were superb for them. How did we let Donnelly go if he can play like that? Their left winger Smith S????? looks interesting. Hard to handle. Not seen him before. Their fullback also looked v. fast. Where do Melbourne get these young players? Can we get some?

The younger Stewart pulled off a superb try saver towards the end. Few players would have had the pace off the mark to make that tackle. The older Stewart looks bigger every game he plays. I agree with Ryan he should get more game-time off Willo. He did well again.

Good to see Hicks score two and set up another with a tap-back. His first from Geyer's drop was hilarious. Makes the bloopers tape of funniest/worst ever mistakes.

Holding them scoreless for the first half was a great, and rare, if very lucky, outcome.

Watmough needs specific training on watching the ball right into his hands. But like to see his stats. Seemed to take the ball up extremely well.

Good to see Bryant can strike off the naked jog with his first ever top grade try.

Interesting with all the forwards out that Cuthbo was in 2nds - presumably to give him more time to work on mobility. The players that came up didn't let the side down. Dunners was right about their enthusiasm.

The most important game of the season is the bye next week!! Great timing with the rep games. Matai had a forearm problem & Ox a leg (ankle?) injury. Matai's try was a determined effort that should shut up his knockers for another week. Heard that BK may have not just calf, but slight groin strain. Hope its wrong. Groin strains can be a nightmare. Can be very difficult to shake.


I didnt think Ox was that great in the first half (fine but nothing special) and that in the first half Monas was the best Manly player on the field. I still think it is a ptiy Monas has to go off, especially when he was playing really well.

Then in the second half Ox played brilliantly.
"without attempting to be comprehensive".....

that was only a summary folks.stay tuned for the full works of tirontasaurus rexx after lunch.


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wish i was there,but i had to go to a bbq party and the guy i usually go to brooky with was at a wedding.but if the game was on sunday afternoon,no problems.
anyhow,i had a $10 bet on glen stewart scoring first try at $41.yay!!!!!!!!


Again im not impressed with Manly fans. "Fairweather fans" is a tag i still think is very much worthy.

Surely if you had a good excuse not to go for a few but 10,000? We lose a few games.. a few players to origin and they all lose hope. If we beat Panthers and add the bye and were near the top im sure theyre will be a full house again. Pfft.

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