Where does this Panthers Team Rate?


Sea Eagle Lach
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Panthers rate as the best side of 2023. In an extremely close call over the Broncos.
Last year's Panthers were clearly the best, the year before they got a narrow 2 point GF win over Souths (including an intercept try) and were again the best. Narrowly.
In 2020 they were probably also the best although they lost the GF.

Is their 2023 side the best ever? Not really, but maybe? However for sustained success they are right up there.
They are close to matching Souths of the late 60s early 70s for a comparison, who had wall to wall Test players and won 4 comps in 5 years (and the one they lost in the middle of that run is still rated the biggest upset in rugby league history).


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My perspective on the GF. Yes arguably the greatest escape act in rugby league history thanks to a brilliant individual performance from Nathan Cleary (and also Stephen Crighton). However got to say equally the greatest defensive collapse from Brisbane I have seen in a long time. Several of the Brisbane boys clocked off with the game all but one. Specifically Reece Walsh. For the Crighton try he jumped over him rather than going down and stopping him from rolling over and scoring. For the Cleary try, some seriously lazy defence around marker... not just from him but from three of his team mates. Hardly GF type defence. Remember Brisbane were leading by 16 points after Penrith had an almost perfect completion rate against a massive error count from Brisbane. Not sure how that translates to a great Penrith side. Fact is Cleary won the game with some individual brilliance against some really inept defence. I don't think it was the Penrith side overwhelming the Brisbane side. For mine, Brisbane absolutely lost that game.


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this Penrith team is the best I’ve seen.

The parra 81-83 team was quite beatable. Don’t forget Manly won the 83 minor premiership by a whopping 8 points, and were too arrogant going into that grand final.

The manly 95-97 team also was as dominant as Penrith but too arrogant. Should have won all three.

In hindsight I think bozo did a poor job prepping the teams for the 83 and 95 grand finals. Teams very flat on the day, Arrogance.

The roosters team of early 2000s also was also in 3 consecutive grand finals. Should have won all 3. Only got 1 of them.

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Probably the best team I have seen.

They get the job done, and might not be finished with their streak yet.

The Roosters from 74-75 smashed everyone off the park most weeks. They would be my 2nd pick.

Both these teams are certainly better than the Eels side that won 3 in a row, they really only were the best side in 82.


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Best in the NRL era hands down, 4 straight Minor premierships, 4 grand finals and 3 wins. Looks like the nucleus of this team still has a lot of time together.

Hard to compare to teams of the past for the simple fact is that now it’s a full pro sport, and there is a salary cap that loosely levels things out. The scary part is the players just keep coming in after players move on so they’ll be up there for a few years to come yet.

Have to admire them for that.

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