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What NRL coaches really want

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by tookey, Dec 1, 2014.

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    The annual NRL Coaches' conference will be held this week and you'll hear a lot of ideas floated for the alleged betterment of the code, players and fans.

    But here's what we reckon some of the game's leading coaches are REALLY hoping for:

    Brisbane: "I will stick to tradition and brush the coaches' conference but whinge when something doesn't go my way," Wayne Bennett said.

    Canberra: Ricky Stuart is demanding the season kick-off be delayed...until August. "Traditionally that's time of the year my teams come good and give false hope to fans for the following season," he explained.

    Canterbury : "I want the media to stop referring to me as the mad scientist," Des Hasler said. "I'm not a scientist."

    Cronulla: Shane Flanagan wants the shoulder charge re-introduced. "If I want to take out a journo, then I should be free to put a shot on without fear of suspension," he declared.

    Manly : Geoff Toovey is calling for the return of the old Manly board. "This club was built on a proud history of disunity and hatred and I'm worried about all the talk of pleasantness and camaraderie – that's not what we're about," he thundered.

    Parramatta: Brad Arthur wants the 2015 season suspended completely. "Or at least until Jarryd gets back," he said.

    Penrith: "Less Sunday footy would be a good start. I'm sick of Gus telling me how much fans love it," Ivan Cleary revealed in a very quiet whisper.

    St George Illawarra: Mary McGregor is pushing for weight-based competitions to be introduced to rugby league to ensure smaller players aren't forced out of the game. "I'm not talking the junior divisions here...I'm talking NRL. We need to protect the little guy, like the blokes in my forward pack," he said.

    Sydney Roosters: Trent Robinson has no demands. "Nick ensures we get everything we want," he told us.

    South Sydney : Michael Maguire is concerned about player fatigue. "What's it going to take for the union to act? I mean, how many more of his movies is Russell going to make my players sit through?"

    Wests Tigers: Jason Taylor wants a longer representative period, with up to a dozen Origin games. He said: "I reason that the longer Robbie Farah is in Origin camp, the better we'll get on."

    Warriors: "I'll just be happy if someone recognises me at the coaches' conference," Andrew McFadden declared.

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