What are your Realistic expectations now ??


Im going to drink the Kool- Aid on this one. With a fit Tommy i see the following

Tier 1

1 and 2 Melbourne and Penrith in whatever order

Tier 2

3 and 4 and 5 Roosters and Parra and Souths in whatever order

6. Manly

I think we can beat those in the second tier but would struggle against Penrith and Melbourne.


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Fainu would make a big difference to our team as all great hookers do
I hope he comes back this season
He is a huge question mark for our future, with 3 younger brothers all stars of our junior reps.
I cannot imagine the court case going well. Hope like hell I'm wrong.


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He is a huge question mark for our future, with 3 younger brothers all stars of our junior reps.
I cannot imagine the court case going well. Hope like hell I'm wrong.
There are no guarantees in life
No guarantees that he wont come back either
All there is is Hope and whilst their is hope there is a big chance that he will be excelling in our maroon jersey once again .


I have said this in Previous Posts, We are going to the Grand Final.
based on current team, Round 6.
But also we have Walker Fainu Suli and Siro, there is depth in our reserves, we need only attitude. Then new guys in have shown this, Harper is just a positive energy, Haumole another
Lifting Tapau's game, its contagious.
We have a spine to match any team, and with Mad scientist, throwing Garrrick Crocker Cust and Walker in various positions, they should have the resilience , Fainu in waiting,

Haumole and Shoe, damaging.

Foz & Chez, two well accomplished halves,forget the rest, these two have won a premiership together, origins and world cups, add that with the most lethal Fullback Turbo.

We will beat Panthers this week !


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Another month of good consistent footy and I’ll be more confident... oh yea, and Turbo staying fit!

My Manly brain says top 6, but it’s way too early to be saying that.


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He is a huge question mark for our future, with 3 younger brothers all stars of our junior reps.
I cannot imagine the court case going well. Hope like hell I'm wrong.
I noticed him on the sidelines at the Tigers game, congratulating the boys after the win. The first time I’ve seen him pop up for a while.

That whole situation is so sad. What wasted talent if he does get found guilty.

I’d love to see him back playing

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Still a long way in the season to go. At this stage I'll settle for continued commitment and improvement. Last two weeks have been a joy to watch, so more joy would be nice.


This week will give us a huge outlook on where we are. How we compete, what we do if we're down on points against a heavyweight like Penrith, how we aim up defensively against them? There are so many factors we are riding on. Biggest test for us this season and I absolutely cannot wait.


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With Turbo in I think we're better than all except the current top 5. I'm pleased that we squeaked in that win against the Warriors right before his return as it kickstarted the self belief even without the miracle man. I know the difference he makes but I also see a team trying for each other and thrilled to bits for each other which wasn't the case before that first win.


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This team as it stands is a top 4 team. We mightn’t get there this year because of our start but I think next year and onwards we will be in the top 4 firing line. We have only Penrith and Melbourne from the top order and Parramatta twice from the next tier to play so we are definitely in with a chance to make the top 6 this year. And that would be amazing if that was to happen considering the start we had this year.


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Said it even at 0-4 we can beat a good bunch of teams in this comp and after the panthers game our draw is quite favourable only one tough road trip to Canberra, Titans on the gc and eels at bw plus plenty of games v poor teams. We also have melb, Canberra Saints and Parra at home of current top 8. Tom stays fit we’ll win plenty of games.

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I think that Melbourne and Riff are standouts, Rorters the danger with full squad.
Parra/Souffs next but inconsistent...

If Tom stays fit, the forwards keep digging in as they have and Schu/Foz/Chez gel... it is only the top 2 that I think have us covered (or matched?)...

I am tipping a 7-9 finish as i expect team changes as players recover and I reckon the young guys will have fluctuating form in their first full season... happy to be wrong on all 3 counts tho...

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Dont thonk the penrith game matters that much. The last2 weeks have shown that we are able to beat bottom 8 teams in a canter if Tommy stays on the park.
With a few good results against top 8 sides then easily i to the finals where anything can happen.


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3 on the trot and the last 2 games played super footy.
Interested to hear fellow Silvertails expectations - good or bad, for the remainder of 2021....
I think the Penrith game will be a true indication of where we are, but as combinations are improved dramatically, along with attitude, with more potential to yet improve, I feel this is a Top 6 team....based on keeping this current side on the field.....
The main thing from my perspective is the team continues to compete regardless of the scoreline, if this happens with the quality in this team, will give themselves a chance every game...
My tip after 26 rounds - 6 - 7 with anything possible in finals footy
I'd like to see how we go next week first. The other issue is that as well as we have gone in the last two weeks, if Turbo gets another injury then we are in some trouble. I suspect we are still too dependent on him.

If Tom stays on the park we can finish 6th; if he misses more than another three or four games we will finish about where we are now: 11th.


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we are such a wildcard it’s not even worth predicting! The best part is that three weeks ago I was panicking in my living room about getting our first spoon. But now I’m fairly confident with a bit of luck we can contend with anyone. What a ride !

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