Well done Stewart and Bell - Lyon give yourself an uppercut

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Stewart - 7.5/10. Good try, great under the high ball, ran it back hard. Could have joined the line a little more when we were attacking I reckon to give Kimmorley more options.
Bell - 7/10. Great try, solid in defence.
Lyon - 2/10. 1 for his conversion, and 1 for some good defence. Deadset, when is he gonna start getting involved? He didn't even look like a competant 1st Grader out there. I'm beginning to wonder if we blew it by throwing so much at him. Did anyone actually do some due dilligence on the British Super League before we signed him? He can't be picked for Origin 3 surely.


Journey Man
Would you have rathered he sign with The Panthers, and we have to face him?

Duuuuude, he's a gun player !!! That's all that needs to be said.

He has done a plethora of good things for us this year.

Example. Think 1st try against Parra at Brooky...off the toe, scoops it up.
Example 2. Canberra at Canberra. How about that tip back for Robertson. How many players would have achieved that.

I COULD go on here....

You guys are definitely tough task masters !
I'm just having a bit of a bit*ch Ryan. Yeah of course I'm happy he's with us - I'm just a bit frustrated that I haven't seen him in full flight yet. When he makes that first 60 m line break for a try I'll be a bit happier.


Ryan its not only Crusher who is thinking Lyon is overrated - all over the papers and radio Lyon has been copping it. I would rather Collis to him in the centres.

Lyon has been a passenger for Manly this year IMO.
Oh well i remember Kite was useless for us in 2005 and played a few games off the bench, but he has come good, so hopefully Lyon can pull his finger out pretty soon.


UFO Hunter
Yep, lyon really isn't proving he's worth the money he's getting.

Its like he's just around for a free ride.

I hope he pulls his finger out otherwise he can follow Monaghan as far as im concerned. He is long past the excuse of still trying to fit in. He needs to deliver soon or he will get his share of critics.


Journey Man
Lyon made 27 tackles, cooper 9 so he definatly put in some work (probably because they kept attacking King). I dont think he was great but wouldnt rate him far behind bell, who outside of the try didnt do mush either. Lyon is the best defensive centre in the game, he has just forgotten how to attack for some reason.

All 4 centres were fairly quiet imo

As for Stewy, 7.5?, Not much else he could have done. Didnt make a mistake, was tested all night. Scored our only try, ran the ball back well. Almost picked up a 2nd try from th lyon kick had the ball not bounced out of reach and may have crossed the tape again had petrol not got back in cover for the kimmorley chip kick.


UFO Hunter
yeah, im not happy with either of lyon or bell. then both need to pull there finger out.

As for stewy, great game. But where the hell did those kick returns come from???????? Im starting to think des tells him to bring it back slow so that the forwards get a little extra rest.
I would have rated Stewy higher, but I wasn't happy with the way he didn't get involved more when we were peppering QLD's line in the 2nd half. But that wasn't entirely his fault.


Reserve Grader
I think their involement last night (Bell & Lyon) was fantastic. They'll be nice a fresh for Friday night. Probably did less work than in a training run.
Look out Souths....


Reserve Grader
As for stewy, great game. But where the hell did those kick returns come from????????

Haha, I was thinking the same thing. The first two times he ran up full pace, ball out in one arm, stepping from side to side. Maybe he was just really, really pumped up.


Top game from Stewy.. what a champion!!

Didn't put a foot wrong.. I reckon the reason he didn't get too involved in the attacking line was due to the limit preparation etc... not alot of time to work a combo with kimmorley.. but he did everything asked of him in my opinion.

Bell was crap except for his try.

Lyon was crap.


UFO Hunter
I reckon watmough could have proven a big choice of NSW last night. They needed someone to run the angles and bust the line. He's the man at the moment.

I just wonder what damage he did to himself with that altercation with BK 2 years back while warming up.


UFO Hunter
He got into a punch-up with kennedy before his origin debut.

Stirring the **** a little too much.

I wonder what that did for his reputation in the squads.


UFO Hunter
Yeah, sounds odd doesn't it.

The coaching staff weren't impressed at the time.

Not the first time you've herd that he's heavy handed though.

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