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Welcome all MWTS (and to find out about the fun of being one read here)

Discussion in 'MWTS by Ambassador Holidays' started by Mark from Brisbane, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    Hi all

    Our MWTS trips for 2010 are just about complete, this is because all the away games for 2010 have been at the start of the year.

    Our (almost) final trip for 2010 will be on the long weekend in June for the game V the Titans...we have 98 people booked on our tour (two coach loads) so it's been a great success and sadly is now fully booked.

    If you have never been on one of the trips it's time to start saving for 2011 as a trip away with us will be like nothing you have ever experienced.

    We have a legion of fans (regulars) who join us and the noise you hear on away games (such as Townsville last weekend) comes from that group.....I call them "the lunatics", being in the middle of them at a game is just incredible.

    It's a great group of people and the numbers are growing with "newbies" joining at every opportunity. Newbies are welcomed with open arms, it's no "closed shop" full of people who stick together...you soon realise that you are just "part of the crew".

    The best way to know what's happening is to join my e-mail database....just e-mail me at mark@ambassadorholidays.com.au and I'll add you on.

    We are not quite finished for 2010 as I am planning a big get together at Brookvale for Round 26 (last home game) and we will do the Home Semi Final, Grand Final and World Club Challenge IF we make it that far.

    Hope to see a few of you at some stage of 2010 and certainly into 2011

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