Truth be told

It's being down 5 percent and that's all it takes this is best pro Rugby league in world.
But unfortunately pretty well half a dozen guys had there worst game of the year. Pretty concerned how our depth in backs is looking with CT injury and Ben Turbo. Our attack looks so slow and predictable Lochie while a warrior is too slow at times and our captain was awful. Johns is not first grade and neither is Harper but we seem to still have no depth.
Kaeo Weekes must get more game time he a game breaker I really don't care where he plays hell put him on the wing.
Had no problem with our middles. Jake was awesome, keppie best game of year.
My take my yesterday we simply can't afford any more injuries out wide and weekes need to play in 13 somewhere.
My view of us so far after the Newcastle game is 50/50. Unless some of our players can learn to control their emotions on the field, then we will not see another premiership for a long while. How can you grow as a player by acting like a tool. We have good players, good staff and a good enough coach and we end up throwing games away like this. Some of our players need to simply grow up. What a waste of talent. We don’t need special people and we don’t need to go to the USA and we don’t need someone else for motivation. We need to take a step back and look at what we already have and learn how to manage it themselves. Shows a lack of responsibility.How could we stuff this up. We need to fix this and grow as a team. Talk about learning the hard way. If that.
And we don't take home games away from Brookie. If yesterday's game was played at Brookie, we win.
Just sayin'
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The alarming stat was the 49 missed tackles up from an average of 22 per game, indicates we just didn’t show up today for whatever reason.

Fortunately the premiership isn’t won in round 5, remain calm!
And a similar number for our opposition.

Despite all the try’s being scored this was a fair dinkum slogfest yesterday.
And we don't take home games away from Brookie. If yesterday's game was played at Brookie, we win.
Just sayin'
Just sayin, we’ve won I think all the other games taken to Mudgee.

Don’t know why you’d think the result would have been any different!!

Thought the ref had a fair game with neither side really getting a better rub of the green.
Pretty sure we haven't beat Penrith since that year when we beat them in the last game of the regular rounds, then we had to face them in the 1st week of the finals and lost and got knocked out.
Manly won a tight game the following year (2018) at Zoobriff. That was with Hopkinson back in the team. From memory he kicked a crucial goal or field goal.
Truth be told Dom Young had a blinder. Two weeks earlier he made about 6 errors and couldn’t catch a cold. Pity for manly.
I just knew once he became a late inclusion that he was gonna dominate, he always seems to play well against us.

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