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Just over six days to go before the first game of the season. It is going to be a very long week. One of my favorite clashes of any season is always the Eagles and the Warriors. Deep down you know it is going to be a tough encounter and we have been able to savour some great victories by winning the battle.

A report in today's SMH has Paul Harrigan in NZ (along with Sterlo who has a paid coaching role with the Warriors). Chief had been watching a training session and described the experience as "I was just glad to be watching. I think there were a couple of broken noses; it was pretty full on. They had a disappointing season last year but are obviously fired up to turn things around....". The Warriors only have 12 players remaining of the 26 man squad named at the beginning of last season and they have bought some serious starch up front.

Sounds like a great clash coming up. I note that the AJC autumn carnival used to have a tag line of "Princesses Welcome" and for 2005 this has changed to "Princesses Prepared". Seems appropriate as we get set to take them on.


Kim Jong Dan
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Its going to be an awesome game whether we win or lose.

Might get myself down the leages club for a squiz at the game
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The big turnover in players provides us with an opportunity to ambush them early in the year before they get some confidence, momentum etc.

IMO thery could be a did under done as well as they have had 2 pretty lame trials.

I think we can win this one but a loss wouldn't suprise me either.
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We shall be victorious.

Just not sure whether it will be against the warriors.

This is possibly the hardest game to pick this season


Kim Jong Dan
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I am most concerned about injuries. I have the feeling that the Warriors will be out to injure all the other teams out of being competitive
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Some might think we should rest our top players to risk injury.

I would like to see all players have a solid hitout early in the season.


Kim Jong Dan
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This will be one of thebloodiest battles we face this season.

The arriors will look to over power us and expose any weaker players. Anyone known to be injury prone will probably be targeted.

You wait and see
Team P W L PD Pts
10 9 1 174 18
10 8 2 199 16
10 7 3 126 14
10 6 4 53 12
10 6 4 51 12
10 6 4 46 12
10 6 4 28 12
10 5 5 21 10
10 5 5 -38 10
10 4 6 -53 8
10 4 6 -83 8
10 4 6 -89 8
10 3 7 -80 6
10 3 7 -124 6
10 2 8 -106 4
10 2 8 -125 4
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