The Schuster question ..

The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
However, in my opinion, this team appears quite poor in their composure and flow under adversity.
It is not just your opinion

it is a fact feathered friend

and the reason we have been floundering

instead of flying high into the top 4

and living up to our legendary clubs high benchmark of excellence

We have 9 rounds to go before the underperforming need to let go

This is the change we all want to see .....

Interesting Schuster is playing 2nd row playing for Samoa.

Hope he plays lots of minutes and stays uninjured as it can only help his own play and Manly in future weeks

I dont think its a surprise, CHT and Milford are established halves, Schuster has played only a handful of games in the halves and hasn't cemented his position there at all
It doesn't matter about the other teams defence. He still oozes class and brilliance. Not many people can kick so accurately at full pace to set up those tries. People keep trying to bring this talent down when you also need to consider his bulking frame and being out injured for some time. Give him a good pre season and he will be doing more damage.
I wonder,if there is an issue,if it’s that Schuster,at the moment,is not a “Des type player”? Plenty people on ST have been scratching their heads wondering why Croker has kept his spot or Manly haven’t openly chased another no.9.But it’s obvious that Croker is of the same ilk as Des,not the most naturally talented player but works hard on and off the field ,fit as a fiddle and a real team player.Lawton is in the same mould
I've stated previously during the Fainu retention debate years ago that an adequate hard working hooker was all that is necessary at the time to keep improving Manly at that stage from an edge of the 8 to just above team to a consistent top 8 performer.(proviso being reasonably uninjured squad)

Fainu will struggle with the workload defensively and Manly will be performing worse during this period if Fainu was playing long minutes.(Croker being tough and consistent defensively has really helped Manly in many games)

I think rightly Des views Schuster as a ballplaying lock/backrower and caved in if there were promises made to Schuster he will be the next 5/8 and probably feels he has to massage the situation to a more middle ground approach.

The only way i see Schuster making a go at 5/8 is if his role is limited to the left side, i don't see Schuster having the ability or fitness in a sharp way to float around or take over the middle sometimes for a right spread to DCE as Foran does at times.

To me this means Schuster will play on the left edge, DCE on the right mostly with the occasional central playing position and a new steady all round halfback on the cheap takes over the middle or Jake and Lawton provide the middle linkman plays.(i would prefer Lawton over Jake as he is sharper and can take on the line)

I feel if we could of retained Foran for an extra 1-2yrs while retaining Schuster and Walker there was the potential of a premiership in this period with a more hard nosed,fit disciplined mobile forward pack.

Foran with his direct playing and lead by example playing style combined with choosing his moments to be vocal could of really burned in this disciplined approach as to what is required to win a premiership.(passing on the baton from the previous successful generation)

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