Team List Tuesdays ... Should be a ripper.


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Agree with the others - flogging incoming (again). Won't be bothered watching yet again - this team (I use that term loosely) is just not entertaining.


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I think he’s a 14 because of his utility value. Can cover injury in the halves, on an edge, could be a ball playing 13 and obviously has a stint at 9 if all bodes well.

He just hasn’t really hit form yet.
Yeah....I guess he needs to be there when Woods, Aloiai and Condon are the other three....

Hard to hit form though with so little game time...


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Not sure how Weekes can be picked in FB again. Garrick is the best option. Throw Vaega in the centres. He gives his all.

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Lawton needs game time for Workers, he has been very slow and making consistent errors this season, his game is no where close to what it has been, needs more minutes for Workers to prove himself.

Alioia is the same keeps getting selected on what he did two seasons ago, he is extremely slow around the ruck, Harry Grant will have some fun in the middle around the leg speed of Alioia and Woods.


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I swear if Turbo didn't play another game this season we would lose the remainder of our games. Our roster is below average.


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Watch for a last minute change ... the dickhead will start with Woods.

I'm just guessing that based on my complete lack of faith or belief in our 'coach'. You've had your chance Seibold and I am no longer on board.

And Mr Penn? Get out of the club. You're a clueless penny pinching rich boy nothing. Time to give your plaything over to someone who understands Manly.

That teamlist may be the worst I've seen after a total dredging.


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Who knows what team will turn up , The bad Manly will get flogged, The good Manly might get a win ,
Manly have been so inconsistent this season , Can only hope the good Manly turn up , They are due for a win cause they have been going W L W L W L


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Might as well rest DCE too. No point him busting his guts trying to overcompensate for this bunch of lazy pretenders.


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I ain't watching the State of Origin either. The first game was boring and riddled with errors. It's such an overhyped spectacle.

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That doesn't really look like a Manly team that might conjure up a rousing victory, or even get within 10 points of one to be honest. I feel like we are almost conceding this one.

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