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Well it is down to the Eagles and the Patriots. Obviously I know where most of your hearts will lie. I was devastated by the Chargers dropping out after such a good season (and the 150-1 I got with the bookies may have something to do with that), however I worked for a US company based in New England and have been there many times and have a 6-1 saver bet on the Patriots. I fondly remember 2002 and having a winning bet at 16-1, and last year wasn't too bad either. So go you red, white & blues and if the Eagles win I am sure it is an omen for Manly this year!
Journey Man
I'm dirty after the Vikings were dumped out last weekend.

I hear one of the Viking Wide Receivers became confused and thought he was a famous ex-Viking Quarterback - Warren Moon. :lol:
Journey Man
Yeah, I was surprised when the beat the Packers. What was going on there?

The Eagles haven't been this far since I first started watching them and they had Randall Cunningham at QB. He ended up with a retirement cheque from the Vikes too. :roll:
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I am a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and am disappointed they lost to New England after having a 15-1 season. An all Pennsylvania final would have been awesome. Game stats show that the rookie quarterback was intercepted three times and that is what cost them.

Good luck to the Eagles as they have played the NFC conference championship game for four years in a row and lost - finally they get to go to the Superbowl.

My tip - New England. Defending champs and if they win it will be three out of four years which would be almost unheard of in such a tough comp!
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I'm also a Pittsburgh fan . Disappointed with the loss yesterday . Superbowl on Monday 7th Feb should still be a good game. Myself & a few mates are taking the day off & heading down to One World Sport ( Darling Harbour ) for the SuperBowl party . 1st beer at 9am is going to be tough.
UFO Hunter
The biggest problem with Gridiron is it takes too long. Alright game... but who can find the time to watch a game that stops for breaks longer than it players.
Journey Man
With the superbowl there is usually a 1 hour replay on the next day. Thats the one i watch - much better.
Winging it
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I see that the odds are up. Patriots $1.30 Eagles $3.30. Makes my $7.00 look good but I have had to wait the whole season.
Journey Man
The ball is actually in play for an average of 6-9 minutes per game.

They have offensive, defensive and specials teams.

They play 16 regular season games each year.

Imagine getting paid $18 million US for what amounts to 48 minutes of play action each year? :?
UFO Hunter
Hardly compares to any other physical sport. But Union takes the cake as the tougest game for mine.
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American Football is a tough sport - there is a lot of skill to blocking etc

I reckon League is a much physically tougher sport to play more big hits and crunching than other sports - Rugby is good too (horrible game to watch at various levels though!)
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In Union defence is running alongside someone waiting for him to kick it or run towards the sideline! The defensive demands of league are heaps more than in Rugby! Much more stop start in Rugby too!
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You're kidding me! In League you do about 25+ tackles a game. In Rugby at most levels if you do 10 then you've had a busy day.

Rucking/mauling takes it out of you but it is not tougher than league!
Winging it
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Superbowl shanghaied by a Union/Laegue debate! :x Union players are like Krispy Kream donuts - look good on the outside but mush on the inner (take that you shanghaiers) 8)

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