Pre-Game Souths v Manly [Round 4, 2023]

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25 Mar 2023 07:35 PM

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Lawton's a good defender provided he doesn't get sent off again.
He'll make our starting pack even bigger, but Cook's speed might give him some problems.
Struggling to believe we will put up Lawton as starting hooker even if we think we are only after 2 20 minute bursts from him. Myself, I would put Johns in as the starting 9.
Ahhh yes...good ole Souffs. The fan base who dont know the rules of rugby league and just boo every single play because they dont trust thier team to get out of trouble with skill. Look forward to another lop sided penalty count. God i hate them.
Souffs 'pride of the league' narrative is indeed wearing very thin.

No question that they are the pets of various journalists, and the NRL admin are also hoping they win a comp again - 'for the good of the game'. Rampant favoritism.

I wouldn't loose any sleep if they got kicked out again.

The only place their supporters should be is the dentist - if they know what a dentist actually is.
Anyone know the serverity of crokes injury? Hope it’s not serious.
Shoulders can be a problem, might have to nurse it all year. Our own fault really for not having much in the way of dummy half back-up in the squad.
If Tuitavake is going just go, and bring in Gordie! What's happened to Roache? Hasn't been picked lately.
Lawton will bring a lot of energy to the role, and wont let us down. I am wondering if GCKT comes back into calculations for a bench role via an injury exemption (Croker) from the NRL? If so Lawton starts for 20, GCKT does the middle 40, and Lawton comes back for the last 20.
Why? So he can be a speed bump in the middle of the field? At least Lawton is actually a hooker.
I know he has hooker in the background, but has he played that even as recently as a year ago? Things about John's (OK I can't fix that) he is match fit, a decent defender, an actual playmaker and deadly keen to impress.
Straight up in Cody Walkers face with some trash talk and that'll be him done for the night.
Problem there is we don’t have a player that could do that without it affecting their own game. That’s where a Bateman would come in handy. He loves that stuff. He thrives on it. He would have the red mist coming off Cody within the first 10 minutes.
Struggling to believe we will put up Lawton as starting hooker even if we think we are only after 2 20 minute bursts from him. Myself, I would put Johns in as the starting 9.
I was going to throw an optimistic emoji up, until I realised it’s a rainbow. Ain’t going there. Hey @Dan can we swap it for a unicorn 🦄?
So a win tonight will have us in outright second.

A 13+ win will have us 1st

And we are playing the Knights next week which we are almost certain to win but it could be a heated encounter if Jackson Hastings is playing lol

So we win these two and we will be beaming with confidence for when we take on the Panthers the following week away from home.
Souths will have been watching how Parra got back into the match last week. That was by playing more direct up the middle...which coincided with when Frog was off the park..that concerns me. Cook will dart and Cody will throw lots of inside balls to Murray.

Once we tire Latrell will finally get involved and link with AJ. Tippytoes needs to stay out and not let AJ have the touchline to himself like he allowed Sivo to have in the second half.

Defence wins games, we are a weaker team without Croker. Lawton is very short of a gallop.

Will be a high scoring game, even without so many middle forwards missing Souths are very strong on the edges, as we are.

Manly by 8

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