Signs of hope if tough decisions are made

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Journey Man
Our defensive structure was vastly improved last night. This gives cause for hope as we we without the ball for much of the game against the supposed hottest attacking unit in the NRL. Most of the team showed commitment and pride, and some of the younger and newer players look to be ready to make a significant impression.

We are being held back by several very problems, and I think it frustrates the fan base that they seem SO OBVIOUS, yet there is a failure to rectify them week after week.

If we want to have a succesful season, the following needs to happen ASAP:

1. King needs an extensive stint in PL to regain form and confidence. 23 metres in attack, crucial missed tackles and dumb penalties. The same thing happens week after week after week. I defy someone to name a poorer starting prop in the NRL at the moment. His replacement to be either Cuthbertson or Rose.

2. Burns needs to be retained at 5/8th as he played with passion and tougness last night. Given time he will gel into a good combination with Orford.

3. The hooker conundrum needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. Ballin has been extremely impressive in trials and PL. He should be the starting hooker as he has silken attacking skills and is tough in defense. Monas to be the bench man as he too has been very good defensively and also provides cover for the halves. Monaghan was poor in attack in the first twenty minutes last night but his defense and the ability to run at tiring forwards late in each half would be good off the bench. Dunley back to PL as I rate Ballin a better player and Dunley gives away too many dumb penalties.

4. Monas to be the only "back" on the bench. We need three forwards on the bench. Why have a winger (Stephenson) there? If Rose is picked in place of King, then Cuthbertson MUST take the spot of Williamson. Williamson to gain a reprieve if Cuthbertson is considered adequate replacement for King.

5. Thought given to the possibility of starting Williamson and keeping the ageing Menzies on the bench for his impact. It has worked for the Blues in Origin.


Winging it
I agree 100% on all of the above.
1. Give Rose a go.
2. Burns should be the man until he shows he is not up to it.
3 & 4. Monas is the ideal bench man primarily for the hooker role and halves if needed and solid defense when everyone else is tiring . Drop Dunners, I am sick of his antics.
5. Beaver, a legend, would have held those balls in any other year. Bench impact may be the way to go.


Journey Man
Ideas are great guys...but we have to remember who is coaching this side. A simpleton won't think outside his square. Jason King is Dessy's mate, his being as "laid back" as everyone says Des Hasler is, means he will wrap his arm around his mate come Tuesday night, and say Jase, your starting prop this week in recognition and reward for your amazing results.

Same can be said for Wilow and Dunley. I'm SOOO dissapointed in Dunners. I really rated him last year.

No one can deny the fact that this team looks to have zero confidence or faith in Des Hasler, and or his coaching ability.

Who, in last nights game can say, yep, I was dummy 1/2, or I was 5/8, or I was Hooker, or I was a prop, and I'm proud of my results.

I think the whole team should be ashamed of themselves, and I can't be proud because we luckily held off their wave after wave of attack on us. WE gave them free ball, WE gave them possesssion, WE lacked structure, energy and effort.


Journey Man
A simpleton won't think outside his square. Jason King is Dessy's mate, his being as \"laid back\" as everyone says Des Hasler is, means he will wrap his arm around his mate come Tuesday night, and say Jase, your starting prop this week in recognition and reward for your amazing results.

He might give him a buttock squeeze while he's at it? :blush:


Burns deserves 5/8 because he played with passion and was tough?

If they werent good enough reasons for Monas then it aint for him either. He did nothing in attack. I still think PL for Burns.. Monas to 5/8 and Ballin at hooker. It will be the best option defensively. Dunley is a MASSIVE liability.


Journey Man
The important thing is Burns didn't get in Orford's way.

Monaghan made three handling lcangers in the first 20 minutes - including a loopy pass over the sideline aka Jye Mullane.


First Grader
Burns looked better than Monas at 5/8 imo. He was a good link man for the outside backs. Last night Burns looked better than Monas has at 5/8 in his limited appearances.

I just want Des to stick with someone at 5/8 for a few weeks to build up a combinations.

If Dunley is suspended as Mata believes he will be, the result will be Cuthbo or Ballin getting a run which is great.


Burns played well last night.

I bet that cuthbo, Ballin and Rose would also play well if given the chance.


Journey Man
I bet Des will go with Willow / Monaghan so he doesn't have to put anyone new into the team !!!


Journey Man
BTTT - just for the woof man.

Naturally with Luluai and Rose unavailable this week we have to persist with King.

However, when they are again available, and if Kings form is the same as in the last 15 games, then I would expect he would be dropped until he finds form in PL or injuries strike.

Personally, if I was coach I'd be trawling everywhere to find a front rower as the Knights did with Smith last year. We need some cover urgently.


Journey Man
What front rowers are just retired or bludging in ESL?

Parsons is one, but I'd reckon he might have put on a lot of beef.

A disgruntled Dragons PRemier Leaguer stuck behing their neverending production line of front rowers?

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