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The Don

The only teams that can beat Penrith are Broncs, Cows and Rabbits if they are fit. Parra too but they are too busted.
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Melbourne have been pushing a lot of passes and only have themselves to blame.

Only way to beat penrith is to at least try to get into a grind with them... if you gift them field position, you are fuuuucked.
Penrith haven't won a single game this year when they lost the possession battle, it hasn't happened much(3 times) but it's clear where their strengths and weaknesses are based on.


I think the only team who might be able to compete with Penrith is Brisbane. The table doesn't lie. Penrith, then Broncos, then daylight.

South's at full strength could trouble Penrith and Brisbane if they finish the season strongly.
I'm not sure Souths forward pack or kicking game is good enough to win the field position battle against them.

They beat penrith earlier in the year but they were down by 8 with like 5mins to go from memory... so it looked like penrith had it all but won. I think they conceded a soft try to give Souths a chance and then they broke away again straight away.

Think souths just kept spreading it early inside their own half and busting them ... panthers kept ****ing up on Cody and Johnston.

Melbourne tonight got a try from an early spread as well... so maybe that is some kind of weakness against them.

Someone has to be willing to risk those spreads against them though.


Shoulder contact to the head... been a send off for years... apparently.

How the **** is Luai not in the bin with the current crackdown going on??

yep ... more often than not ...

this is the NRL after all, they can't consistently do anything


Luai shouldering NAS in the head is just beautiful. That's one player it should be legal to head high.


Luai shouldering NAS in the head is just beautiful. That's one player it should be legal to head high.

It is actually breaking my mind. NAS deserves all those shots he gets...but then it was Luai who did it and he is one grub who shouldn't get away with anything.

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Leota just gave himself up for a dropped ball... but ref didn't see anything anyway... can't believe how ****ing useless the entire officiating department is in NRL


Niukore filthy that Seve is still on the field.. more contact in that pat on the head than his push on Fifita

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