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Ron Willey - 1956 to 1962Scott Fulton 1993 to 1999

Discussion in 'Ex-Player Profiles' started by The Wheel, Aug 19, 2005.

By The Wheel on Aug 19, 2005 at 5:00 AM
  1. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member 2018 Tipping Competitor

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    Having a famous surname has been a curse that has plagued many a young sportsman look at Don Bradmans son John as an example, he had to change his name to alleviate the pressure of being a son of a s[​IMG]porting legend.

    Rugby League is not immune from such curses either, you only have to look at the playing careers of John Raper and Bob McCartheys sons, as players they have fallen way short of the high achievements of their famous fathers.

    The Manly Sea Eagles were blessed during the 1970s when a group of young men

    around the same age turned into champions. The result was 4 premierships in 7 seasons - a golden era which may never be repeated.

    These same young men retired and started families, and then their sons became Sea Eagles. The names of Krilich, Thoroughgood, Thompson, Eadie and Randall have all resurfaced with varying degrees of success.

    However the sons of our greatest player, Brett and Scott arguably polarised Manly supporters like no other players in the clubs history.

    Scott was an Australian Schoolboy who under his fathers and club coaches guidance made his way quickly through the grades to make his debut in 1993. He was a crafty hooker who strode the field with the same arrogant swagger as his father.

    Manly fans were generally ecstatic at the prospect of a Fulton being in the Maroon and White again. I personally thought if Scott was half as good as his father he would be a fantastic addition to the side. Somehow Scott never really showed the promise or ability his father thought his son possessed.

    Slotting in at hooker or playing off the bench the performances of Scott went at times from ordinary to pathetic. It was clear to everyone but the coach and father that Scott was simply not up to first grade standard. It was simple a case of nepotism at it very best.

    The more times Scott kept getting picked in first grade, the worse the reaction of the Brookvale crowd became. He was roundly booed and jeered as he came onto the field, would this be enough to move Bozo into reconsidering his sons position at the club? Unfortunately not he was one of the players picked the very next week.

    With Jim Serdaris missing the 1997 Grand Final against Newcastle through suspension, Scott obtained another reprieve and again he sat on the reserves bench. He only played a matter of minutes in the decider once spilling the pill which led to a Newcastle try. Even Bozo couldnt keep him on the field and because of his lack of involvement in the game Manly were running on tired legs as the clock counted down to the final minutes.

    We all know the story Darren Albert crossed with a few seconds left to score a remarkable victory. I dont want to try and rewrite history but in my opinion if we had a player who would have contributed more during the game we could have secured our 7th premiership.

    As time went by, with his father as coach, Scott Fulton still clung to his spot in the first grade squad. Manly supporters routinely shook their heads in disgust when they read the team each week. Why couldnt the club see what was going on?

    Paul Vautin who made his way into the media, criticised Scotts continual selection in first grade he only echoed what the vast majority of supporters were thinking. This comment led to Fatty losing his previously strong friendship with Fulton and actually split the club into two factions, this was not resolved until Paul Cummings was appointed Executive Director and Ian Thomson and Fatty removed from the CEO position and the Football Club Board.

    I will not go into the massive ARL contract Scott somehow managed to secure during the Super League war but once again there was a huge amount of favouritism due to the Fulton name.

    With Scott still playing first grade, in 1999 Bozo resigned as coach mid season. Upon taking over new coach Peter Sharp immediately dropped Scott to reserve grade, then Reserve Grade coach Ian Thomson refused to select Scott in his side and put him on the reserves bench. A dummy spit of massive proportions occurred and he didnt play another game for Manly again. So after 49 games and 1 lousy try he was never sighted again, much to the relief of the Brookvale faithful.

    He turned up in country footy a few years later and I believe he is still running around but I simply do not care where he is playing, I spent too much time worrying about him in the mid nineties.

    Scott Fulton an abject failure. I will not even bother wasted anyones time with a summation of Brett Fultons career as it was worse than Scotts.


Discussion in 'Ex-Player Profiles' started by The Wheel, Aug 19, 2005.

    1. Ramrod

      Ramrod Well-Known Member

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      It's very easier to be an armchair critic.
      Back when Scotty was on the brink of first grade, he was also hailed by ex St George Hooker and ex Australian Test Captain, Ian Walsh (non-bias in this topic as he never had any affiliations with Manly), as the next great player.

      I felt some Manly fans never gave Scott the chance.
      How would we perform being booed by your own fans just because you had a couple of errors?
      What would that do to your confidence?

      I also remember a few Manly fans continually booed Cliffy Lyons at Brookie too.
      It was disgraceful.
      So much for trying to encourage your own players to play better by lowering their confidence.

      Our saving grace is that the worst supporters in Rugby League has to be Parramatta's fans.
      No one knows how to boo their own players compared to those Slime Balls.
      Our fans are amateurs in bagging their own players compared to Parra's fans.
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      • SeaEagleRock8

        SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2018 Tipping Competitor

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        Never read that bio before, but 10 years on the last line looks a tad vindictive. Anyone who runs out and puts their health on the line to try for Manly deserves better than to be labelled an 'abject failure'. We have had many, many players who only made a handful of appearances in top grade because they weren't quite up to regular first grade standard (at least Manly first grade standard). Was it Scott's fault that he kept getting picked, or that he was given a contract? Apparently not!
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        • Ramrod

          Ramrod Well-Known Member

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          Good call. Anyone who have the opportunity to pull on a Manly jersey is a success.
          I wished I have played even just one game for the Sea Eagles.
          No matter how Scott performed, I can think of a few ex Sea Eagles whom have played much worse.

          For this article to blame Scott for 1997 loss is way off the mark.
          I was at that Grand Final.
          The reasons why we were "robbed" were many and we didn't lose because of Scott. Here are just a few:

          1. Paul Harragon's multiple attempts to remove Tooves head with brutal swinging arms.

          2. Dave Manson's refusal to send Harragon off the field.

          3. MacDougall was on steroids and other drugs. He was suspended for half of the season the following year.

          4. MacDougall's stomping on Tooves face could have taken an eye out. He turned to see where his foot would land which proves it was no accident. See the replay. Manson didn't send him off.

          5. O'Davis was on Steroids and other drugs. He was suspended for the 1998 season.

          6. Wayne Richards was also tested positive for steroids. He was banned for 1998 and was the only expendable Knights player sacked.

          7. Paul Harragon suddenly retired in 1999, with excuses of injuries.

          8. Other Knights players from that game were also exposed to have been using drugs and have admitted to it too.

          In conclusion to the 1997 GF, Manson gave Drugcastle a free ride into the Premiership. They weren't stripped of their GF, like the Storm were for cheating in 07 and 09.

          It's a total joke that the media keep playing that Albert try like it was a folklore miracle.
          To me, it's an embarrassment to the game and should have been buried as a sordid refereeing and administration decision that it was.

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