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Comment has been made in the "Hard Edge" on the Manly website.

In order to help rational discussion I have included the links below to the official website of every NRL club.

I invite posters to review the other sites and post their comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the various sites.

Features to consider might be:

*Amount of relevant and interesting content
*Amount of intelligent football discussion on forums (if there is one)
*"Look" of site
*Ease of use
*Prominence to sponsors
*Interactive features.

You may think of others.

Sites below are listed in premiership order!! Manly first!!!!!





North Qld

Sydney Roosters



Wests Tigers

Canterbury Bulldogs

South Sydney

NZ Warriors



St George Illawarra
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I have just visted the Panthers Website and it is a attractive and interesting site. Visually it is modern and appealing. It's ease of navigation with some pull down menus is good. Four forums are accessible and the range of posts was interesting, considering the team lost surprisingly to Parra tonight.

The CEOs column and the e-mail a player features were ones that looked good. The 'Roar' sound effect is also interesting and adds to the appeal.

Players, cheergirls, match results, ticketing, lower grades a news feed are all featured.

Overall a modern and fresh look that is more interesting and appealing.

I would rate it at 8.5/10
as a web geek i have my issues with using a vbulletin CMS.

It has its merits but there were a few thing i was taught when learning Web Dev.

- Black bg with white texy = Hacker/ugly
- Red BG with white text = merry xmas/hard too read

this is why i faught aganst an abundance of maroon for so long
I checked out the panthers site and I saw bugger all photos. I dont like the overal front page design much.

The forum software is better than ME.

It's interesting that theres rational debate there about the current problems with the team!!!! looks like there are other similar threads as well.
PANTHERS FORUM > GENERAL > "we Have Problems"

Site 3/10

Forum 7/10
I looked at the Broncos site and that seems the best so far.

Looks good I like the banner changing. etc, Plenty of pics. Player info etc.

Forum goes to a different host, I didnt log on

Site 7/10
Forum n/a (newer software though)
I'll give it a go but not today (way too busy). I think this is a very worthwhile exercise. I noted the other day that the Sharks one looks like ME so could be done by the same people.
yes it is done by the same comapny. Oz league is the same.

Nextgen have a basic ASP CMS that they push out to a lot of the clubs and just change the look slightly and a few of the colours. But you can always tell its one of theirs.

They are good at what they do but in my professional opinion I think their technology is outdated

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