MVP: Rd 19 v Dragons

3 - Foz - played his guts out
2 - Garrick - played his guts out
1 - Aloiai and Harper.- played their guts out

Props to Koula, Tui-P who tried hard.

Saab and Schuster really need to do more. We are going to have to use to Schuster down the stretch with the all the injuries. Schuster was crap today but he did care.
Need the COVID boys back.

Saints played well and deserved to win, but honestly the ref was crap today.



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3. Josh - played way too many minutes due to necessity. Unfortunately it may come at the expense of his season
2 Harper. Amazed at how hes turned it around. 3 genuine try saving tackles tonight. Just wish he had that bit extra pace to give Saab more space
1. Garrick. This guy should he our player of the year. Has beej outstanding week in week out
Gee the three big outs killed us... but then again DCE and Foran let us down massively tonight. A game thrown away. Only three real standouts.. in any order Aloiai, Harper and Garrick
3 Covid
2 Fkn Covid
1 Covid the c**t

Is it obvious that I've had a bottle of red and I'm not happy 😡 that gronk Voss talking up the drag queens and barely mentioning that our best three defenders were watching from home, between him and Gee, 🤬🤬🤬 if not for my old mate Shiraz, I'd be ripping the screen off my TV to get to the bastard
Rant over.....

3 Ruebs
2 Aloiai
1 Harpo
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3.Aloiai - Played the full 80, 163m and 39 tackles. Plus a well deserved try.

2.Harper - Looked sharp and willing at times out on the left.

1.Tuipulotu - Took some real tough carries, the grunt work when the defensive line were all on us. 137m, 58 post contact and 4 tackle busts
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LOL. There'll be no fan bois calling out the DCE "haters" in this thread tonight. He was woeful, as was just about everyone else. Foran's worst game all season. Hunt has got the points over us the last 4 or 5 times we've played them, including once when he was playing on one leg. We just can't play well against the Dragons for some reason. Guac was a passenger after injury ankle early. Schuster had a big opportunity tonight to make a point after getting some real game time, and he was disappointing.

Aloe Vera 3 - seemed like only one having a go
Harper 2 - had a ongoing battle with Lomax and didn't give up, made some breaks
Garrick - tried hard and at least didn't make any errors that I recall

Only other player to hold his head up was Koula. Just keeps impressing me week in week out with his temperament, his willingness to get in and do the hard stuff and his work ethic. Gives away size every week, but just does his best and uses the skill set he is given with a minimum of fuss. The more I see the more I feel he'll be a good 'un.

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