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Ray Higgs -1978

The Wheel

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Jul 15, 2004
Ray Higgs - 1978

Ray Higgs was our star recruit in 1978. Originally from Roma Queensland he was an Australian representative in 1974. He was a tough as nails second rower who was renowned
as a great defender.

He was part of the Parramatta teams that lost the consecutive Grand Finals in 1976/77. A highlight for Manly fans was in the 1976 Grand Final he was decked by Terry Randall and couldnt return for the 2nd half because his eye was completely closed eye.

After a falling out with Parramatta coach Terry Fearnley over the club re-signing Bob the bear Orielly he came over the bridge to Brookvale. Manly coach Frank Stanton thought that Higgs would add some toughness to his forward pack as well as added starch to the defensive line.

Higgs only played 8 games for the Sea Eagles in 1978 scoring 1 try in what was an injury plague stint at the club that eventually won the premiership in that year.

In fact the only starch he added would have been to the paint on the reserves bench at Brookvale as he spent the majority of the winter sitting there nursing his many injuries. Manly however were well served in the second row when Steve Knight made the transition into the forwards from the centres to join the likes of Terry Randall and Bruce Walker. These players took the club to premiership glory with Higgs looking on.

He returned to Queensland in 1979 and played for his state against NSW in 2 non State of Origin matches in 1980.

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