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I know Parker had a number of head hits in the past that had us all a bit concerned, but I don't recall that being such an issue the last couple of seasons?
Maybe I notice it more because whenever he runs the ball out of our red zone, he invariably cops stuff around his melon. At one point, I thought the refs had made up a rule. The Parker rule. As in, he’s used to getting belted, opposition players are used to belting him. Some times he gets a penalty, but what I have noticed this year especially, he doesn’t get them as much now. Hence the Parker rule.
Yes, I know I’m coming off as a Manly conspiracy nut (again ;)).

He might not be getting knocked out as much as he was. But you watch any game he’s in, and count the number of times he gets tackled from the chest-down. It’s not a lot.
CTE can often manifest years later. The damage has already being done.
We (as a game), need to knock this on the head much earlier than it is now (yes, pun intended).

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Concussion is & will be a real problem for the game going forward. It seems that over recent years players coming out of the red zone pick a mark on the ground to get to, which then allows a quick play so they can get a roll-on for the team. The problem for Parker & others who do this, is that the defenders tackle area is then at head height.
The more that comes out about the results of head injuries, the more parents won't want their kids to play.

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Good outcome with Brad re signing, good commitment to the club and his playing attitude .
Good cover for centre naturally and would have to think the at least consideration now in the 2 nd row in future times .
Has "t seemed to have had as many concussion issues in recent times , maybe partly attributed to his running style previously , not to accept of course however the occasional higher contact on him . Surprising that as he is quite tall why the tendency for some defenders to have gone a bit high on him though .
Always tries to give his all and can not ask for much more then that . Have to think in general having a bit more pace along with Koula in the centres a better option and with Garrick reverting there .
Still a bit of unknown the wisdom of bringing in Taulu but again looks like the club is more inclined to look at some other centre options and Brad and with Tuilagi leaving , could be in line to see how he may go on an edge starting with the trials and in season preparation .

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