Panthers withdraw their offer for Frankie P

Best news I've heard all week. I think we're in with a real shot if we can scrape together the cash, which of course is made easier with the departure of BK (but harder with the imminent re-signing of Beaver, and Ox's increase '07 wages). I hope Noel has his alarm set for July 1 for 1am.........
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We have lost a few - Hecks, Kane Cleal, Ash Alberts, a few others that will allow us to have the extra cash to pick up someone good.

I am not worried about this one!
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I also note that Parra's deadline for Jamie Lyon has passed with out mention.
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Has the cap increased from 3.2 mil to 4 mil for next year?

If so, with many of our players signed up for next year I would expect us to buy 1 or 2 high profile players for next year. Hopefully Jamie is one of them. I Don't know if Pritchard would be on the top of our list.
Well if you could choose hypothetically, which one would you rather have? A game-changing centre, or a dynamic backrower? Both are rarities.
get both, thats all there is too it.

Glenn stewart is a good player but Pritchard Byso!

we really need to add to the depth of tha back row, who ever pritchard signes with it will be for 2 or 3 seasons, if we wait till next year there may not be that kind of talent available.
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My point is we will have a **** load of cash available. If the cap is 4 mil next year.

I agree that he would be a good get.
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Buy Pritchard and put him out in the centres. Put him inside next to Bell to run of then you won't have to go after Lyons. Anyone who wants to go to Parra should go. Convince BK to go around one more time.


From all the reports I've been reading it looked like Pritchard has his heart set on an All Blacks jumper (hence hinting at signing with a NZ Super 14 team)...but it also looks like he/ his manager could also have been just bumping his price up


what using union to pump up his worth?

would a manager ever do that ?????

It has been done plenty of times the most recent example being a certain St George centre
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Pritchard seems to have developed a swollen head and also seems to be flirting with Yawnion.

This means he has an inflated opinion of his worth on more ways than one.
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Yes although I am not an avid watcher of Penrith games to me he has produced little on the field to generate the amount hype around him at the moment
Whether you rate him or not there is a thread at Leagueunlimited where it is mentioned he will sign with us in the first week in July. Also the thread at MSE on this matter disappeared this morning (what's new I hear you say!!).
As I said it will be interesting once we hit July.
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