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Blues: Anthony Minichiello, Matt King, Jamie Lyon, Matt Cooper, Jarryd Hayne, Braith Anasta, Brett Kimmorley, Brett White, Danny Buderus (c), Brent Kite, Willie Mason, Nathan Hindmarsh, Andrew Ryan
Interchange: Luke Bailey, Steve Simpson, Ryan Hoffman, Greg Bird


White is a low, low call.

He couldn't intimidate the f*cking ballboy.

O'Meley has dodgy hands and a busted body, but at least you know he was built for Origin.

Other than that, there are some things I like about the team - four forwards on the bench is a good thing I think. The more minutes Buderus plays, the better. Bird can come on and kill Carroll, and I'd be satisfied with his all-round game.


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Bird definitely deserves his spot and adds that bit of Mongrel we definitely need.

I agree with you on White will, dont think he deserves to play at Origin level just yet.
I'd be surprised if Bailey doesn't start instead of White. I bet that happens. Also, Hoffmann should be starting - he is wasted on the bench. I hope he gets a lot of minutes. I think Lyon is very lucky to retain his spot. King is a Center too, not a Winger - why do we persist on playing him there??!!


Yeah, I thought Lyon was one of the better players for the Blues in the first game too.

I like this team... I would have stuck with Mullen but perhaps didn't get picked because of his injury. I'm interested to see how they will play Greg Bird, It's good reward for a fantastic year so far though


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all the forwards will get less game time with 4 of them on the bench.

i hope Kite takes a good book cause he will be riding the bench for a lot of the game
Lyon a standout in Game 1??!! Were you guys on LSD??!! I didn't see him to a single standout thing. Being solid in defence, doesn't mean you had a standout game. He is there on name and goal-kicking ability. Don't get me wrong - I think he is a great player, I just don't think he is in any form whatsoever.

I'm glad Hayne was retained. He had a CRACKING game last night against the Tiges. He is gonna be sensational for years to come.


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LSD, not lately mate. You cant drop a bloke for doing nothing wrong.

I agree on Hayne, he is a match winner.


I didn't say he was a standout!

I said he was one of the blues better players IMO.

He didn't do anything wrong.


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I agree about Ryan but i didnt expect him to be dropped. Simpson im neither here nor there but having bird and hoffman come in then gallen or watmough for ryan adding one more would have been too many new faces.

White also lucky but who would you have there instead? O'mealey is the only one i can think of but is only just back from injury.

With kimmorley's selection having bird there will help. If anasta is useless then bird to 5/8 outside his teamate whos game he knows already.


Journey Man
01. Anthony Minichello
02. Eric Grothe
03. Jamie Lyon
04. Matt Cooper
05. Matt King
06. Braith Anasta
07. Matt orford
08. Willie Mason
09. Danny Buderus
10. Luke Bailey
11. Nathan Hindmarsh
12. Ryan Hoffman
13. Reni Matua

14. Robbie Farrah
15. Brent Kite
16. Mark O'Meley
17. Anthony Watmough

would be my team.


What's your obsession with Matua, Ryan.. He is so far behind in the pecking order it's not funny!

Hindmarsh, Mason, Ryan, Watmough, Gallen, Bird, Laffranchi are all NSW backrowers that are streets ahead of him.

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