NRL Refs take note.

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Look, the rules of RL have become so complicated that I believe the refs have too much to consider. One unnecessary obligation is having to remember all their names. I pit the poor refs in the Pacifica matches... and the commentators.
However, I do believe that the linespeople are not doing enough to help. In last night's Women's SOO the linesperson missed one forward 'pass' which led to a NSW 'try', and one blatant offside that led to a Qld 'try'.
It took the intervention of Big Brother to rule both put-downs illegal.
In the first one, knowing that they can't rule on a forward pass, the Bunker claimed that the pass was a "dropped ball that went forward". It was laughable, but at least it was a correct ruling.
In the second 'try' the ball catcher was 3-4 metres offside. How the linespeople missed it is unforgivable. The Bunker correctly ruled that way, but had the 'tryscorer' been pulled down short of the line and Qld scored in the next play it would have been ruled a try because Big Brother can't go back to a previous infringement.
The NRL has created so many inconsistencies that incorrect decisions happen all the time, frustrating the heck out of supporters.
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The refs perspective

We can change the rules

We can change the bunker

We can change the number of refs on the field

There is something we can never ever change

And this is the certainty of human error

There will always be errors on the field by both the refs and the players
And teams have a much better chance of winning the game when they become accountable for their destiny by decreasing their own error rate on game day

The moral of the story

Less whinging at the refs

and more winding down our own error rate
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Nrl refs egos are too big for this. There’s no way you’d ever see Ben Cumsock admit he made an error.

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