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NRL fans sent to the sin bin for bad form

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by ssar, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. ssar

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    NRL fans sent to the sin bin for bad form

    (posted April 19 2009)


    "THE National Rugby League has banned two fans for life and sin-binned three others for five years over offences ranging from assault to streaking and ignoring a smoking ban.

    ..including a ban for life to a man who assaulted a security guard and a five-year ban to a man who became involved in the same incident.

    Another man at the match was banned for five years after failing to follow instructions to leave ANZ Stadium after violating smoking regulations.

    A man who ran naked onto the playing field at Parramatta Stadium three weeks ago has also been banned for five years.

    NSW Police major events commander Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford said yesterday police supported the action by the NRL and worked with the league to identify those responsible."


    This is good and bad to see.

    The good:

    Assaulting security guards & violence at big sporting events should be punished, and this should be policed & enforced much more. And, too, those who violate smoking regulations should also attract harsh penalties - we don't need passive cancer smoke in any public places nor at sporting events these days, move well away and to leeward if you are too wuss to give it up.
    Great to see such bans on these fools, let's see more of it.

    The Bad:

    Banning streakers?! Yer kidding. If it's harmless (non-violent) and quick, kick 'em out of that game but that's it.
    Hell, I'd buy him a beer if I met him.
    Need more female streakers in general, btw!

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