Now we have 17, where do we put the 18th

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My 2 cents worth says:

Bring in the 18th team now in SW Brisbane, Ipswich Jets or a combined Jets/ Firehawks bid. Brisvegas & SE QLD should be able to support 4 teams with the population and corporate money up there now.

Teams 19 & 20

19: Central Coast- OK, I’ll admit to being an extremely biased Gosford boy but we need, and deserve, a team based up here, however, not the bloody Bears! A genuine, built from the ground up local team with lots of our local juniors recruited to start the team. We could field a respectable NRL standard side now of current 1st graders and fringe players; say 2025

20: Perth- would be good or maybe QLD, e.g. Rockie, Mackay; again 2025
Thanks to Rupert and his super league we had teams in Perth and Adelaide before he came along.
When the two competitions merged those two teams should of stayed in the competition, its been over 20 years and those teams would of been well established by now.

There should be a team in every state, it's probably too late for that now but from when the NRL started until now they could have added teams to the states without teams.
There has been too many people with a vested interest in the game more worried about the next twelve months and not the next 10 years.

Perth should be next and if they add more teams in the future than bring in Adelaide, Tasmania.
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probably just better to see how 17 sides go for some time especially with player spread and having sufficient i st grade level players available . All things proceeding well down the track , then i guess Perth next off the rank .
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The opposition to bringing in new teams is that there is not sufficient talent to make the new side competitive. This is not valid, imo.
Last season we had six very good teams, a few that were hit-and-miss and four that were not up to standard. No matter how many clubs you have in any comp there will always be ones that struggle.
Wellington is even smaller than Christchurch population wise and has a Super Rugby team plus a A League team. I don’t think it can support a 3rd team, Christchurch only has a Super Rugby team which is the most successful by far in the history of that comp and it struggles to get 20,000 to games.
Trouble with Perth it's another Storm there won't have juniors

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