new signings for 2006


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with player hunting season only weeks away which area's of the team does anyone think need filling, personally i believe outside backs will be heavily targeted. this opens up the door for matt geyer to sign a one year deal then he can finish his career in england keeping open the jamie lyon factor for 2007.
other outside backs off contract that could really boost the eagles in 2006 are brenton bowen, rod jensen (cowboys), jamaal lolesi (dogs), eric grothe (parramatta), mark hughes (knights), chris flannery (roosters) - flannery would also be a one year deal as he would almost certainly join the gold coast. comments?


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mark hughes would be an interesting option. Hes not bad from memory and could be cheap after the season the knights are having.


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bell from the storm is also up im pretty sure and would go well also would keep money for lyon.

Then we could have bell, lyon and flash ash in 2007, big turn around.
Of course we need another quality centre, and probably another good winger too. I'd go Lolesi for sure. We won't get Grothe. Hughes is definitely interesting. If only Lyon was available! Imagine him in our team next year! Just hope we get him before BK and Beaver get too old


I'm sure that I heard earlier today on the radio that Lolesi is off the market as of last night.
I would be in favour of Mark Hughes of all those blokes. He's classy & got big game experience.


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#1 - Berrigan!

Brenton Bowen or Rocket Roddy wouldn't be too bad either. Wes Naquaiwhatever is also up for sale.


I want to throw Willie Mason into the mix.

Would give us a big, unforgiving prop with big game experience. I'd love to have the big fella at Manly.

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Forget mason -costs too much. Go for another Dog in Nat Miles he has a big future and would a third of the price.


Mason would be worth the big bucks to be honest.

Nate Miles is quality - but I can't see the Dogs letting go of him, whereas I think Mason will be out of Belmore next year.


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I for one dont want Mason in a Manly jersey.In the RLW they are throwing the possibility of Chris Flannery being in Malny's sites..But then it said last week orford was a special in landing at Brookvale next year.I wonder how much of the onas debacle cost us a chance of King & Orford??Our administrators didn't come off well there..Oh to have Arko back in the big chair..He wouldn't have made a mess of the contract talks...


Moticed the young Rookie centre from the dogs, PHELPS is unsigned at this stage, he has some promise.

Not sure if his kicking stats live up to Monaghs standard though...... 8| 8|

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I know we have been bitten in the Aaron Moule thing last year but there are a couple of good Aussies backs playing over in England at the moment.

I would also be keen to see us take a punt on some unknown youngsters (NSW u19/u17s etc) and bring them on slowly. Better than paying big bucks for players who may or may not deliver.


id be happy if we got Baily and a star centre. ( presuming we dont sign any of the halves floating about ) Mayby offload some dead wood in the front Row, say Hecks, and dare i say it Kylie whos discipline is an issue, although both are amongst my fave players.

Everytime i think King is tied up for another few years i shake my head....


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some times i wonder if you do support manly.

offload half the team that is coming second??

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When Hecks and Kylie are half the team, we have problems. Kylie will have missed 9 weeks for suspensions and Hecks will have missed 14 weeks with injury. Have to question whether they are value for money, even though I also have rated them, especially in 2004.


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is that pepsi questioning management - shaking your head at kings re-signing certainly sounds that way, but you would never

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