Melbourne flog brisbane


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50 - 4

Does that mean we are the real deal as well since melbourne wernt having an off day??

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I thought the same but ultimately it is our ability to win more matches that will ultimately tell!

Cause for optimism though!


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The form around the Eagles looking strong Storm ,Warriors.
Hicks coming back, that defence and intimidation too.
Eases Des's selection dramas vwith hoppa gone.Yet i'm still
Tipping on last year. U can't grow brains.


I havn't seen any article mention Manly yet! If people weren't so biased against us, they'd all be giving us a rap seeing how we beat Melbourne no worries last week!


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Well both the footy mags had plenty of good write ups on manly new resolve this week.


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we are starting to get recognised as byso said.

but apart from the obvious wait and see look at the first four rounds this way.

Roosters were flogged by Brisbane, then brisbane flogged by melbourne - all 3 most people feel are contenders. We beat melbourne. On form that has to put us top.

Im now thinking the raiders game will be hardcer than stgeorge, but both we should win.


Winging it
The commentators were rapping the Storm and said they had performed strongly this year until last week's hiccup. Yep, that is how we rate at the moment - just a hiccup. I actually think the Dragons game next week is going to be very tough and we will need to be mentally switched on to win. Teams come back from a loss and expect them to come out firing. All the same the season is looking very promising.

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Dragons (away), Raiders and Souths at home. Good way to set up the season if we can snag a win in all three!!!! It would almost guarantee us being four points ahead after 7 weeks. Mind you I am not getting carried away as the results in the past three weeks have been all over the place.


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We did win though. That is a positive. Im sure if we can go the full 10 rounds and confront the bulldogs unbeaten, some people who seriously doubt the side will change their tune a little. Ray Waren was saying last week on Melbourne radio apparently that Melbourne are a definate top 4 but we will go no where near the 8.

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