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I expect there was a contractual remedy that the club was not prepared to pursue. Too many good players to start terminating contracts. Forget the rights and wrongs. It's the ramifications that should be concerning us. An iron fist won't fix this. If there is division within the squad then the cause of division must be removed. If the cause stays then the the players affected by the cause will likely seek a release so we'll have plenty of salary cap room. Looks like the owner is going to have to make some hard calls at seasons end.
Here are some closing comments from Margaret Cunneen:
The crown has relied on the CCTV, saying it made no sense for Mr Fainu to climb the fence, while in a sling, to get back into the church when he could have walked back in the front gate.

However, defence barrister Margaret Cunneen SC also pointed to the video.

It showed Mr Fainu throwing his sling, as well as a white towel he was wearing on his head, over the fence as he jumped back into the Coles car park before running to his car.

However, she said, no knife was thrown over by Mr Fainu, suggesting it was not in his possession.

“The sling was taken by police … The sling was examined for DNA,” Ms Cunneen said.

“There is no blood in it, no DNA except Mr Fainu’s. He’s holding it; he’d have to be holding the knife as well. And the knife must have blood on it. But there’s no DNA on the sling.”

She said it “defies credulity” that Mr Fainu would stab anyone given his standing in the community and he had no quarrel with anyone at the dance.

“Mr Fainu has really suffered by his position as a football player,” she said.

“It was easy to blame it on him because some people knew him and the sling stood out.”

The trial will continue on Thursday when the jury is expect to retire to consider its verdict.
I should give up my day job and become a lawyer !! ,Margaret must be reading this thread and in particular my posts (haha ),as this is pretty much what I said the other night
Kudos to me
I should give up my day job and become a lawyer !! ,Margaret must be reading this thread and in particular my posts (haha ),as this is pretty much what I said the other night
Kudos to me View attachment 21914
Going on what I've read of the case thus far, I don't think the prosecution have put forward their case as good as Fainu's lawyer has. I'd be surprised if the Jury finds a guilty verdict tbh.
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I obviously am hoping for a 'not guilty' verdict for two reasons. The second is that it will re-invigorate the debate about the automatic stand-down rule. If so, I am hoping that the NRL realises that awaiting justice in NSW courts takes much longer than most of us realised. Three years is far too long to punish a player who is professing his innocence.
Several year ago I suggested in one of my posts that the automatic stand-down for a player pleading not guilty should be six matches. This is still a hefty punishment, but it is not career ending.
It is looking likely that he will be not guilty in the eyes of the jury, but I will find it hard to overcome my thoughts on the matter when he puts on that jersey. Even if he was not the attacker, the video suggests that it was planned between the group.
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