Can't see him leaving, Penrith but your 100% spot on as would be a Golden signing....on my wish list with Cam Murray....if we get the Roosters agents on the job we can trade for Aloia and Boyle :happy:
I'd trade him for Schu and a couple of Manly players off contract in 2024, if it meant signing Martin.


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Shu signed another 3 years and want Gordie to get a chance...keep Paseka....and Croker at the right price a great clubman....Ben likely staying at Manly too...others can go and a couple more I think they have missed

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Why is it we never seem to get fwds like Martin. Or are we only destined to get the type of forwards we have now.


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He's my perfect backrower for this club. I do worry about his longevity the way he plays though.

A new Choc Watmough, and jeez, what a player he was.
Could of, would of, should of...
We have Schuster now instead. We are locked in for the next 3 to 4 years now with minimal movement in terms of playing roster.
Who is his manager?
That seems to be the most pressing issue these days, not the ability of a player.
A good club doesn't need to worry about who the manager is. I don't remember any of the top teams coming out and saying we need players from manager x,y,z. Why is it we are the only club that is worried about who the manager of these players are and it seems to incessantly drag on till the cows come home. We seem to be the only club that can't manage to have good working relationships with some of these agents.

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That's one way to finish bottom 4
Possibly, it wouldn't be the finished product. Ben Kennedy arrived and we only saw the fruits of his labour after he left...but he left a high standard behind so the job was complete.

The purpose of bringing someone like Martin in, is so the players there learn what's required to win.

Choc Watmough credited Ben Kennedy for his development because he was shown the ropes as to what sort of training and mentality was needed to win. Only a few years back BK won a ring with Newcastle. Before Kennedy arrived, Watmough was sort of a run of the mill average forward.

Bringing in a player of the calibre of Martin fastracks the development of an existing roster instead of rinsing players out and bringing has beens from other club expecting a different result.
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