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Rasmussen kicked out of Tour

From corresponents in Pau, France
July 26, 2007 MICHAEL Rasmussen has been kicked out of the Tour de France by his Rabobank team.

The Dane had seemingly weathered the storm after he missed four out-of-competition dope tests in the past 18 months, and he won stage 16 overnight to all but seal overall victroy.

However, his Dutch team has learned that Rasmussen lied to them about his whereabouts and activity during the month of June.

Rasmussen was in Italy, not in Mexico as he had told the team.

Rasmussen won two stages during the 2007 Tour, but his presence in the race had been questioned by several officials and race organisers from the outset.

His departure leaves young Spaniard Alberto Contador in the lead, with Australian rider Cadel Evans second


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Surely nobody is surprised by this??

although congrats to the team for showing some balls
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Agreed. Although it should have been done earlier regardless.

Good news is Evans is now in second spot and not far behind the Spaniard.


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could get him in the time trial yet, hope he doesnt test positive........

Oh thats right Aussies are all drug free, and if they fail tests they are rigged.
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I think its hilarious that Germany are not televising the Tour at all, due to its drug tainted reputation.

Of all countries.
its a good sign for the future that teams are willing to sack a cyclist suspected of doping and with the other team pulling out completely(vinicurov).
This puts the pressure on the cyclists as he may cost the entire team the race. Good start to stamp out doping.

It is extreme though to sit in the hotel after a stage and hook yourself up to a blood pack and get a transfusion. 8|
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Good on his team for taking the stance they did. But what is stopping Rasmussen from continuing in the tour on his own ? He hasn't been disqualified, just sacked from his team, nor has he tested positive. Would he be able to ride as a privateer, he has enough of a lead that he could still probably win without the assistance of a team.

I was just wondering whether there is a rule that says you must be part of a team.


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he would be run off the road and would have no chance without a team backing.

But I am unsure if it is actually against the rules, but he would have no equipment support, no spare bike, no food van or whatever they call them, that 5 minutes would be gone real quick.
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Yeh fair call, but I reckon he'd be able to afford to pay someone to hire a car and follow him around for four days, Plus he'd have probably a dozen bikes of his own so that wouldn't be an issue. I agree that not having a "domestic" to service him with food and drink might pose a problem.

As far as team backing goes, all he needs to do is stay on Contador's back wheel like he did in last nights stage and he is home and hosed. He doesn't need a team as he doesn't need to set a pace, he has the lead so he just has to protect it by shadowing his nearest rival.

They probably have some obscure registration process that they'd get him on as a technicality, but I just wonder what would happen if he fronts up to the start line tonight for the next stage.


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he couldnt get on Contadors wheel if contadors team rode him off it and boxed him in.

and I'd say every bike he has at the race would be a team one. but he might manage it if he got one over from Denmark or wherever in a day which wouldnt be impossible.

Not saying you are wrong as I dont know, but it would be a tough ask.
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[quote author=Fro]
Oh thats right Aussies are all drug free, and if they fail tests they are rigged.

Ain't that the truth

My sister in law is heavily involved int eh cycling scene and is of the opinion everyone on the Tour would be on drugs.

Her comment the Australians have better insiders amongst the drug testing agencies.
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Threats only. They would be made to toss it as it rates so highly in Europe. Just want the sport to clean itself up.

Do we really think that Athletics, Swimming, Rowing or Weightlifting are any cleaner????
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