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KING OF DARTS ... Steve Menzies

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 12, 2009.

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    KING OF DARTS ... Steve Menzies


    STEVE MENZIES is desperate to hit the bullseye with Bradford this year.

    The Aussie superstar joined the Super League side during the winter and has adapted to the British way of life - by playing darts!
    Menzies is already a regular down his local pub and is even planning a trip to watch Phil Taylor and Co in action.

    He said: “I’m obsessed with darts. I can’t get enough of it.
    “I was watching the World Championships recently and was in awe. I loved watching it.
    "The guys have so much skill and with the cheering, it would have been good to have been there.
    “I will have to get behind the Aussie guys now.”
    Second-rower Menzies left Manly Sea Eagles after 16 YEARS at the NRL side.
    But he admits he has settled in well at Bradford and is enjoying playing alongisde his new team-mates.
    He revealed: “The guys have been great to me.
    "They have really made me feel welcome at the club.
    "Also, it has helped with a few other Aussies being here as well - Chris Nero, Ben Jeffries and Glenn Morrison.
    "I knew Glenn back in Oz and Chris used to live in Manly.
    “There has been a bit of banter already between the Aussies and the locals especially with The Ashes coming up.
    "Seeing that we are close to Headingley, I will have to get down there to support the boys.”
    Menzies was wanted by Bradford's Super League rivals Salford, Castleford, Harlequins, Celtic and Wigan.
    But the Bulls' reputation and boss Steve McNamara sold it for the former Australia international.
    He said: “I have always had an interest in playing in England.
    “Bradford have a solid reputation.
    "I spoke to Steve and I was impressed with him and where he wanted the club to head.
    “I knew that I wanted to play with one of the big four teams - Bradford, Wigan, Leeds or St Helens, and I’m glad that I came to Bradford.”
    The biggest adjustment for Menzies has been the English winter weather.
    He added: “The toughest part is the cold, heavy fields which get boggy at times.
    "You also feel it physically as well on the legs.
    "The other thing we have to deal with is the sunlight.
    "Back home you would get a good 10 hours of daylight, whereas here we mainly have morning training sessions.
    “The coldness is definitely a factor and it was interesting when we were training in the snow.”
    Menzies, nicknamed Beaver, was always a favourite with Aussie Rugby League fans.
    And the Bradford fans have already adopted him as one of their own.
    He joked: “I wouldn’t say I was a legend yet with the fans.
    “I did something good in one of the trial games and got a few cheers. But the fans have been good to me so far.
    “I live in Leeds so I don’t get noticed as much. It’s good just to cruise around and do my own thing.”
    Menzies has lots of fond memories of playing in Australia but insists he could not turn down the challenge of coming to England.
    He said: “I wanted to play another season with them but it felt right coming here as well.
    "I could never play against Manly, so playing for another team in the NRL was never an option.
    “It was a bit teary leaving the club but I went out the ideal way, especially after winning last year’s Grand Final.
    “I left some good friends behind, but I am enjoying it here and will eventually head back to Manly.”
    Menzies, capped 15 times by Australia, added: “I will always remember the first time I wore the green and gold, which was when we came over to England for a Kangaroos tour in 1994.
    “Representing NSW will always be special as well. I played in some good series and it was always nice to beat Queensland.
    “There was also the 1996 Grand Final and the way we won it.
    "We lost the Grand Final to the Bulldogs the year before so this was definitely a good year.
    “And of course winning last year's Grand Final against Melbourne."

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