Jye Mullane stand this Sunday


Journey Man
There will be an erection of the Jye Mullane Stand this Sunday by some of the ST crew. We're intending to set up on the Eastern Hill between the 10 and 20metre lines at the northern End.

We encourage as many of you as possible to wander over and make life difficult for ground security with us.

Who is up for it?


UFO Hunter
I didn't realise you were coming down for this one Flip. That's good news

I didn't realise until yesterday either. My dad asked me what I was doing on fathers day. I said nothing and he said "Lets go to the footy". :yeah:
There will be an erection this Sunday by some of the ST crew.

Who is up for it?
Alas business comitments prevent me attending such an eagerly anticipated event.

However I will walk naked to Brookvale if I dont make a game next season. :lol:


First Grader
I'll be there with my three associates and then back to the club to celebrate a great win.


Journey Man
I'll be there with my three associates and then back to the club to celebrate a great win.

At the Mullane Stand? Will be good to meet up!

My presence at the club afterward will depend on what I'm allowed to do by the better half.


It sounds like the Mullane stand will be right where the Saints fans usually are.
I'll pop over & say hi though.

The Gronk

I will be stuck down here in Melbourne, but if we are losing maybe tilt your heads in a southerly direction and listen for a stream of expletives.


Reserve Grader
Taking the family, but will wander over for a beer to put some faces to some of these poster's names. See you all there.


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Could some one explain why it's being called the Jye Mullane stand? BTW I'll drop over and say hi, bringing my father in law down as well from Newcastle, he has a mental disability so please be your usual selves...he's a Saints supporter. Thanks in advance!

Canteen Worker

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Jye Mullane was the inspiration for this site and at our first gatherings it was the monicker used for the stand. He is a Patron saint, going back to the time when Des continually picked him at half and five-eighth when Blind Freddy could see that he was out of form and totally out of place. He dropped balls, sold dumps, kicked for touch and put the football not just out but somewhere between Warringah Mall and Balgowlah Shops.

Members of this forum were widely derided for lack of support for the club but it was mainly mirth and laughter in the midst of a horror year for the Eagles when we suffered worst defeats ever and sturggled to win anything much at all.
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