Halden - what the hell????????

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Why in the hell did Des disrupt the side and park Halden out in the Centres where he was a complete liability?

It had the following effect:

1. Halden had no clue in defence and we leaked three tries down that side.
2. Monaghan was at dummy half with his usual slow to serve, wrong option taking nonsense.
3. Ballin collected splinters on the bench.

Did you all notice how the side immediately gelled and clicked the minute Balling walked on the field? Monas is better off at number 6 and I will go with the prevailing sentiment that Orford was very poor. It's a pity when we rely on a 7 gamer to spark the side.

As for Halden. I know I'll wear it for saying this but let's hope he's injured for a while. We don't want Des thinking he might give that woeful experiment another try.
i feel sorry for him though. Hes a half and hes being forced to play in a few odd positions. People wont rate him as hes being asked to play centre. Not really a good chance.

Lyon switched to centre gave us more penetration out wide and Monas was awesome at 5/8. Ballin added some zip. We should stick with that line up with Burns on the bench for Halden.
yeah i know.. but thats why i felt sorry for him. Thats Des fault not his. He was woeful.. he had no idea what he was doing.
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Which is why I began the thread with "what was Des thinking".

It is almost as though we wanted to give them a head start to see if we could run them down with Ballin on the field.
I know.. but i mean its slack to wish him injury. Its not his fault.. if Orford was told to place at centre hed be terrible too. I just felt sorry for him.. he looked lost.
For starters.. go watch the game again. One of the first 2 tries and the disallowed try were both straight through orford... obviously canberra attacked where halden was because he is new to the position but it wasn't halden making the feeble attempts at tackles.
Also, Ballin was good.. but if you think we are "relying on the 7 gamer" your pulling your own dick and mine.
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Mata - I kind of think Des is trying to groom Halden into a 1st grade player, in case Burns leaves. That's just my opinion though. I also don't like it ! Burns should be # 6 at all costs if you ask me !!!
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[quote author=Matabele]
Did you all notice how the side immediately gelled and clicked the minute Balling walked on the field?
Also the same minute that Monas was shifted to 5/8


and away from the dummy half duties. Our sickness and option taking improved immeasurably.
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The problem as I saw it was the lack of defense in the first hald up the middle. Orford was woeful. If Burns was there they wouldn't have scored two of their tries. If the club don't get Burns on side with a upgraded money offer they are absolutely stupid. His defense wins us games.


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I agree that Ballin added more than monas.

Watch some of the tries again and how many were second man plays off of him.

His passes going left to right and right to left were perfect, hitting Orford on the run, he across the line run for watmoughs try was sensational.

he added much need spark and depth in attack and his service at dummy half picked up the slack where the forwards werent going forward.

The game yesterday was one by our outside backs as well as our hooker in the second half
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[quote author=Nutzcraw]
Also, Ballin was good.. but if you think we are \"relying on the 7 gamer\" your pulling your own dick and mine.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


I refer you to Flip's Ballin thread. :stupid:
So, what flip says goes??

I agree that Ballin was good when he came on.. but as I said if you think we "relied" on him.. your blowing smoke up everyone's arse.
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Your all blind.

Get the tape, watch it again and the minute ballin came on and started playing SMART football we put on 5 tries.

Everyone pat each other on the back, you've done a great job giving it too mata.

Now lets get on with the 'facts'.
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I though this thread was about why Des put Halden in the centers.

Nice spin doctoring everyone.

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